Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Oh how pintresting...

I LOVE pintrest, so when i saw that The Vintage Apple had an "oh how pintresting wednesday" link up, i knew i had to get in on the action.

I pin a crap load of things from weight loss inspiration to craft and recipe ideas or just things i am currently lusting over in the fashion world! today i thought i would show you a little selection of Shoes that i have been pinning and pining for recently....

                                                                              Source: via Joy on Pinterest

how adorable are these flats!? would be cute with a summer dress or with some skinny jeans and baggy jumper for a casual fall look.

                                                                         Source: via Leah on Pinterest

                                                                   Source: via Leah on Pinterest

I love all things nautical so i definitely need these babies in my life!

                                                                  Source: via Leah on Pinterest

you can't go wrong with some pink polka dot action!

                                                                    Source: via Leah on Pinterest

I actually died a little bit inside when i saw these! i am officially in LOVE

and last but by no means least i couldn't leave out these slightly OTT shoes, wouldn't wear them myself but i would be envious of anyone that did!

                                                                 Source: via Leah on Pinterest

Scrap that!? if anyone bought these babies for me i would don a tight black pencil skirt and a nude pussy bow blouse and strut around the office house like i was queen of the world!

Hope you enjoyed my found my offerings pintresting (aha see what i did there!?) this might well become a regular feature on a weds!

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Wanna Sponsor me? it's free!

I have had the pleasure to sponsor to amazing blogger girls Jello at Jello's Kitchen and Megan at A suitcase and stillettos and i am having a great time doing it! So i thought it would be a lovely time to do something similar *ahem* the same *ahem* and have a few of you guys come and sponsor me!

It's completely free and all i would need from you would be a 120x120 button that i will display on my blog for the whole of September and October.

If you are interested drop me a line at and i will send you all the details 

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Getting back on track with MyFitnessPal

After last weeks disappointing results i was determined to get my ass back on track. After seeing fellow bloggers MrsMonologues and FabulousButEvil discussing the MyFitnessPal app on twitter i decided to check it out. My new android phone has not yet arrived (grr more on that another time) so i just had a snoop around the website. and i really liked what i saw.

The site begins by taking your height, weight, activity level and goal weight and giving you a reasonable weekly weight loss goal (1.9lbs for me) it also gives you a recommended daily calorie allowance (1200cals for me).

I especially love the food diary aspect as i tend to snack and forget what i have eaten but when i have this as an app i will be able to enter it right there, also the database has so many different brands including Norwegian ones! something that i have never experienced before and has always made online food diarying hard!

It also takes into account how much exercise you log and adds that to your calorie allowance which is a good way of doing it as some of us (ahem me) sometimes forget that if you work out like a crazy person and don't eat enough, you will get tired and sick and although you may lose weight at first it will come piling back on eventually!

if any of you are already on MFP or knida wanna check it out now, come by and be my friend yay! My MFP Profile!

also i am on track with my weekly goal of 2lbs! mainly because i lost 2lbs and hopefully can keep them off yay!

I will try and keep my WL postings down to a once a week minimum as i don't want to just turn this into a weight loss blog!

also on a side note you can view my weight loss ticker over on the weight loss journey page!


Sunday, 28 August 2011

Things don't always go smoothly

In weightloss things don't always go our way. You can set out with the best intentions, and start the week off well but sometimes things happen which can throw you off. That happened to me this week, i got a visit from Aunt Flo :( so all i wanted to eat was carbs and chocolate and then i kept forgetting to make lunches for work and ate a lot of lefse :(

So 1lb gained but i won't let it get me down, a new week is just around the corner and it's time to get organised.
I've got my lunches planned for the next week and i am going to try and up my work outs (because lets face it, i didn't work out last week)

I found this workout thing on pintrest that i thought i would try...anyone want to give it a go with me? Here is Monday's workout!

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Setting Goals and Rewards

One of the hardest things for me when trying to lose weight is sticking to it! I do great during the week and then Saturday rolls around and the BF offers me a beer which in turn ends up being a handful of chips, another beer, a slice of pizza and an extra 3lbs to end the week, which of course doesn't put me in the greatest mood for the new week. 
So i have been thinking of ways to combat the temptations and i thought i would share them with you.

  • Setting reasonable weekly weight loss goals, although i know i could push myself the whole week and lose 5lbs i also know that if something happens to throw me off it can be very disheartening if i don't make the goal, so by setting myself a minimum 2lb a week goal it makes it easier to achieve, plus if my goal is 5lbs and i only lose 4lb it is a disappointment, if my goal is 2lb and i lose 4lb it is an added bonus.

  • setting out small rewards to go with the goals, I'm not talking every week get a reward because i lose 2lbs, that wont make the bigger goals special, but saying to myself if i can lose 8lbs in the next month then i will treat myself to that pair of earrings i have been wanting for ages.

  • Treat Meals, i learnt this from my personal trainer last year, every week i would have one treat meal on a saturday (or whenever i picked) it doesn't have to be something full of fat but it meant if i was craving a bowl of cheesy pasta all week, or a bag of crisps, i could have them without feeling guilty. I think by allowing treats it stops us breaking down and binging on them late at night.

  • Pintresting motivational pictures- This is something new i have been trying, sometimes seeing something that you want to achieve can motivate you to work harder for it... here is one of mine..

  • one last thing i do is think about the clothes i want to fit into, in fact i have my favourite goal dress hung up in my bedroom so i can always see it. and i have to say seeing it when i wake up definitely motivates me to keep going.
Sorry for the text heavy post today, i hope you enjoyed it anyway.

Do any of you set yourself rewards when you meet weight loss goals? or any goals for that matter? what kind of motivations do you use?

and remember...

Monday, 22 August 2011


It seems to me that Toms are a bit like Marmite, you either love them or you hate them. Me, I love them, i have been wanting a pair for years, but for some reason every time i was going to buy a pair something stopped me, not sure what or why but it was quite annoying.

However now i have a legit reason for buying a pair (or two) as my work requires comfortable indoor shoes and seeing as i am not Norwegian or a Mental patient i do not have any desire for these shoes to be Crocs like my lovely boyfriend so genuinely suggested (eurgh)

 many Norwegians seem to have an unhealthy love for these ugly ugly things!

Not only do i love the simple design of Toms and how comfortable and long lasting they are, I also love what they stand for, the idea that me buying a pair of these shoes means a child less fortunate gets a pair too really warms my heart. If you have been stuck under a rock somewhere and haven't heard about what TOMS do you can read about it here.

They have also branched out into eyewear.
I would love a pair like this! pity the summer is already over here. ah well i will have to add them to my 'things for next summer' list along with these gorgeous TOMS wedges!


I think i have decided i will get two pairs because i know i am going to want to wear them out and would end up ruining the ones for work, i am currently thinking of getting some grey ones (shown below) and some brown ones (see top of post)


What do you guys think of TOMS? do you LOVE them? or DESPISE them? let me know :)

Sunday, 21 August 2011

My Mission - Lose Weight!

I am on a mission to lose some weight!

The history of my weight reads like an epic tragedy, the moment i get anything achieved i manage to self sabotage! which is why i am blogging about this.

 Last summer i dropped around 30lbs i went from 189lbs to 159lbs It was great, i felt happy healthy and energised, but then winter set in and my body went into full on hibernation mode, i stocked up on carbs and slept a lot (the joys of being a student!) The long and short of it, i not only gained the weight back but i added an extra 10lbs on top.

when i first moved to Norway i was at 169lbs, and i felt good!

I have been trying to lose again but it has been hard, living with a boy who is used to surviving off take-aways and frozen pizzas hasn't helped. I currently stand at around 192lbs which feels horrible on my body but i have decided a change is in order.

I have a new job which should keep me busy and stop me snacking all the time, and i have explained to the boy that pizza's don't make me happy so even if he wants to get one can he remember not to ask me, because usually if asked my will power gives up and i give in!

So i have set myself a GOAL it is currently 17 weeks until Christmas (yay) I would like to lose at least 2lbs every week untill then which would mean i would be down by 34lbs - sounds good to me.

I plan to do this by...

  • eating balanced healthy meals packed with lean protein, whole grains and salad.
  • NOT drinking soda and instead drinking water or cordial
  • Walking more, at the moment i have figured out a great walk which takes me about 11km (just under 7miles) but i usually do it like once and then forget to do it for a few weeks so now i have decided to try and do it at least twice a week once during the week and once on the weekend.

I have quite a few goal dresses and things that i want to fit into but by far my favorite is this one

I already have the dress in a size M and have never worn it! although 34lbs isn't going to get me into it, it's certainly going to get me on my way.

I am going to use part of my blog to write about trying to lose weight and keep a track of how i am doing (you should be able to see a tab in the links bar soon!)

I would love it if any of you guys have any TIPS or RECIPES to help me? or if anyone would like to join me in this weight loss i would love to have some support in getting to my goal.

                                                                            Overall Goal

Saturday, 20 August 2011

I got an Award! did you...?

The lovely Michelle over at Hot Pink Combat Boots has tagged me in the Libester Award, which i am informed means sweetheart! yay!

The RULES of the AWARD:

The Liebster Award is meant to connect us even more and spotlight NEWER BLOGGERS who have less than 200 followers. The rules are:

1.Show your thanks to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them. 2.Reveal your top 5 picks and let them know by leaving a comment on their blog. 
3.Post the award on your blog. 
4.Bask in the love from the most supportive people on the Internet – other writers. 5.And best of all – have fun and spread the karma! 

So first off, once again thank you Michelle!

Second of all are my picks, in no special order...

1. Alyssa @From freeways to fjords has just moved over from Sunny California to Rainy Bergen. I have the extreme pleasure of not only knowing her in real life (thanks to the internets) but also working with her (so we probably would have met anyway, haha weird) She writes about her new experiences and adjusting to life in a new country! plus she is definitely a sweetheart!

2.  Next up is my dear dear friend Rebecca French who blogs over at The Veritable Shiz which showcases here amazing illustrations. you all definitely need to see them. I was lucky enough to get to spend a year living just down the hall from this girl and her high spirits kept me entertained a lot, she is one of my favouritest sweethearts in the whole world!
Rebecca on the left and Me on the right(in the blonde days!)

3. Sarah Elizabeth is a Norwegian blogger who uses her blog The Beara Necessities to write about fashion, healthy eating and generally a little bit of everything. She is going to be Russ this year which will be super fun for her and great fun for us to read! This sweetheart is awesome at leaving aleays leaving lovely comments on my blog. ps she is an awesome photographer as well!

4. This is an obvious one for me Jello the lovely and artistic writer of Jello's Kitchen This girl has it all, seriously she is funny, kind, artistic (check out her etsy page) and just down right a bonafide sweetheart. Her blog is never the same and i always enjoy reading what she has to say!

5. And last but by no means least is Talitha at TTimeChatter, I have only just started reading her blog but i really love her outfit of the days and her take on fashion. she also does some wicked fashion DIY's!

So there you have it my FIVE picks for the Libester Award! go forth and give them the love they deserve!!!

and the winner is......

That's right folks, the time has come to announce the winner of my giveaway..

and the winner is...

Congrats Nina, you won the vintage style rose ring amongst other goodies so all you need to do now is contact me via my email :)

I also decided last night that i would like to giveaway both rings so i generated a second winner who will receive the butterfly ring and the winner is ......

Talitha @TTimeChatter!!!

So congrats to both of you, all you need to do now is send me an email to and let me know your address!

and for those of you who didn't win but like my stuff anyways can always go visit my ETSY store and use the Cupon code DENNORSKELISTEN for 10% off

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Euro Trash Thursday

Ever since i did my last Euro Trash post i haven't been able to stop seeing things that would be perfect for another so today i have decided to post you a few more random pics from around Bergen!
Euro Trash is the brainchild of Michelle over at Hot Pink Combat Boots and if you aren't already addicted to her site, then you best get your butt over there and take a look!

a Bombay Bad Boy - possibly the most disgusting drink i have ever tasted in my life

Partially because it was heavily garnished with black pepper!? meaning every sip meant a new mouthful of pepper  bits in your mouth and a bit whiff of pepper up your nose :/ no thank you!

In a toilet cubicle at Hulen made me laugh although i am not sure what 'riding the bus'  means

Another cubicle picture, this time dedicated to Mr Tom Waits because apparently this artist 'will wait'

Presents i got from TP for our 6month anniversary, my nickname used to be Selina Pink Roses 

An amazing alcoholic milkshake NOMZ

The amazing decor at the indian restaurant we frequent - wish the picture was better!

Tor Petter's Tikka Masala - don't you just love the dished they are served in!

My Korma because i am a wuss about spice!

I also want to remind you that my GIVEAWAY ends this saturday so if you haven't entered do so NAOW!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011


Today i am going to see Rihanna, play a concert here in Bergen


I am very excited, because although Rihanna is not my usual music taste, almost every one of her songs makes me want to get up and dance...seriously if Rude Boy comes on and i am on the dance floor you need to clear some space because things are about to get crazy up in here! (ha okay maybe that's a tad exaggerated but seriously her songs make me wanna dance my ass off)
I am predicting at least 10lbs lost from dance sweat! I will take my camera so i can show you evidence of the sweaty mess i will become (i know right!? i bet you are all well excited for that post!)

Anyhoo, don't forget my GIVEAWAY! ends on Saturday so you need to get your asses moving if you want to be in with a chance of winning!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


After a torturous week of waiting i finally got the call this morning, i am now officially a full time kindergarden assistant and i am lucky enough to be working with a fellow blogger Alyssa@from freeways to fjords. We met for the first time this weekend, when we went out to Ujvent and Hulen.

Astrid, Alyssa and Me!

I expect life is about to get veerry busy, but fear not readers i shall not forget you and am about to queue up a couple of blog posts and i am also guest posting over at Jello's Kitchen next week so look out for that!

also don't forget about my GIVEAWAY!!!! i am adding a couple more items to it this week and will be posting them on Thursday or Friday... if you haven't entered do so! also don't forget you can tweet or blog about the giveaway to get more chances of winning!!

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Apartment Renovations and a trip to Ikea

TP and I are currently working on renovating our new apartment, in the hope that we will be able to move in sometime in October, which is super exciting and has got me going pintrest crazy for some inspiration.
So yesterday i managed to drag myself and him out of bed before noon in an effort to go and grab some things i needed from Ikea and also get some ideas of what we wanted in the new place. The trip went really well, which was surprising because we definitely have different design tastes he prefers dark colours, reds and blues and i prefer light airy creams with touches of bright sunny colours. But that being said he definitely has given me a lot of creative control over the interior so despite one little wobble (READ: mini breakdown) over the kitchen stuff, we had a great time. I thought i would show you a couple of the pieces we have decided will grace our new teeny apartment.

First off is this baby! as soon as we saw it we both instantly agreed it would be perfect for our apartment as it's so compact but opens out to a decent size, which means we can have friends over for dinner, we would also get some cute folding chairs that could be put away when we aren't using the table.



This is going to be one of two wardrobes we have and behind one of the doors we are going to put the computer, because we have such little space in our room we thought it would be a cool idea and a great way to be able to shut the computer away when we need a break from the hustle and bustle of the internets!


we have decided on a nice simple 'starter' bed, because it's cheap for one and we again not much space means fancy beds with lots of storage underneath would be lost on us. 


You may have noticed the trend of very neutral colours in the items we have chosen, this is not because we are boring people and want to live in a beige house but rather i have decided it would be best to have lots of neutral base colours and then brighten them up with accessories which can be easily changed depending on mood, it means that at Christmas time i can go my usual red crazy with warming blankets and big soft pillows and then in spring time i can change the heavy blankets with light ones of spring greens and sky blues.



we have also thought about getting some of my photography blow up and framed or put onto a canvas to adorn our walls.

I am also hoping to use the renovation as an excuse to get super crafty yay! 
Take a look at my pinspirations HERE

I find out if i have gotten the job tomorrow so cross your fingers for me.