Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Getting back on track with MyFitnessPal

After last weeks disappointing results i was determined to get my ass back on track. After seeing fellow bloggers MrsMonologues and FabulousButEvil discussing the MyFitnessPal app on twitter i decided to check it out. My new android phone has not yet arrived (grr more on that another time) so i just had a snoop around the website. and i really liked what i saw.

The site begins by taking your height, weight, activity level and goal weight and giving you a reasonable weekly weight loss goal (1.9lbs for me) it also gives you a recommended daily calorie allowance (1200cals for me).

I especially love the food diary aspect as i tend to snack and forget what i have eaten but when i have this as an app i will be able to enter it right there, also the database has so many different brands including Norwegian ones! something that i have never experienced before and has always made online food diarying hard!

It also takes into account how much exercise you log and adds that to your calorie allowance which is a good way of doing it as some of us (ahem me) sometimes forget that if you work out like a crazy person and don't eat enough, you will get tired and sick and although you may lose weight at first it will come piling back on eventually!

if any of you are already on MFP or knida wanna check it out now, come by and be my friend yay! My MFP Profile!

also i am on track with my weekly goal of 2lbs! mainly because i lost 2lbs and hopefully can keep them off yay!

I will try and keep my WL postings down to a once a week minimum as i don't want to just turn this into a weight loss blog!

also on a side note you can view my weight loss ticker over on the weight loss journey page!



tara said...

Excited to follow your myfitnesspal journey! :)

Mrs. Monologues said...

so proud of you!

Selina. said...

Thanks girlies, i am glad to have some friends to follow along the journey with <3