Saturday, 24 September 2011

Kimberley from Lush Lounge steps in....

Hi Guys,
 Sorry i have been sooo slack recently, i have a ton of posts planned in my head i just haven't had time to actually write them out yet! i plan on queueing up some tomorrow..fingers crossed i can get the motivation! to tide you over until then, the lovely Kimberley from the Lush Lounge. has been kind enough to step in and write a post for me! Thanks Kimberley!!!

Hello! I’m Kimberly from Lush Lounge. I’d liketo give a BIG thank you to Selina for letting me guest post on her blog. Hers is one of my new favorites and I’m super excited to be featured on it today! :)
My blog is about my life; the boring and all the crazy funt hings I do. This Saturday is the the dance event I have been waiting for forthe past 2 years. It’s called LovEvolution (formerly love fest) and it is Nor Cal’s biggest electronic dance music event of the year. If you’ve never heard of love fest before then you have surely been missing out!!! I’ve gone to it twice before when it was in San  Francisco, but sadly last year it grew far too large to fit into the SF Civic Center. The electronic dance parade and event lasts all day from 12-8pm full of PLUR; Peace Love Unity & Respect.
The love fest event originated in Berlin, Germany in 1989 and rapidly spread worldwide. They now have it in Los Angeles, San Francisco and many other cities. This year will be more epic than ever and I am dying with anticipation to dance until my legs fall off in crowds oozing L-O-V-E!
Take a look at a few pics from 2009. The crowd was so huge there was hardly room for walking and the party raged so hard people had to climb telephone poles and dumpsters to make room for their dance moves.
 Partying right on the steps of SF City Hall
People dress crazy.
Lazer light shows from random new friends.
Feel the L-O-V-E!
Thanks again Selina for letting me share the love with all of your readers!!
Come by and say hello :)
Lush Lounge

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Introducing...My Sponsors!

 Today i would like to introduce you to some amazing women! who are even more fantastic and lovely as they are sponsoring my little blog!

so here goes...


Kimberley from Lush Lounge

Hi!! I'm Kimberly aka Lush Deez, the voice behind Lush Lounge. I’m 21 years young, always dreaming, planning and making goals. 
I have a Nor Calspirit and a free mind. I have 4 tattoos and 6 piercings. I love being happy, meeting new people,going to social events.
 I love traveling and exploring new places, especially beaches and big cities! I love bike riding and my amazing boyfriend. 
I’m all about peace, love, great music and living a green life. I believe in astrology and karma and that everything in life happens for a reason and with that try to stay positive and optomistic.I love writing and cooking and my sweet kitty Ginger. Interested in more? Come to my blog and let's be friends :)

Talitha from TTimeChatter

Hi my name is Talitha of T Time Chatter. I love sharing my day to day which usually involves yummy cooking & recipes, fashion finds, crafting and sewing.


Megan from A Suitcase and Stilettos

I am Megan from A Suitcase and Stilettos. 
 I joined the blogging world about 3 years ago, but have only been writing on my currently blog for around 9 months.  The blogosphere has brought me so many great things but mostly has brought me friendships with certain people that I know will last a lifetime! 
 I typically write about my everyday life...much of which includes my adjustment as an American living in a foreign land.  My favorite things include sports, fashion, travel, and being outdoors.

Jenna from Shove it in your face

Hey guys!  I'm Jenna, the snarky smartass behind Shove It In Your Face.  I hail from Pennsylvania but I'm currently here in Bergen, Norway stomping through puddles and baking people cakes.  My blog is just an extension of myself. It's chock full of great food, horrible language, tons of complaining, but most of all love.  I put my heart into what I do, and I hope everyone enjoys it! 

Jello from Jello's Kitchen

Hi! I’m Jello!

I’m awkward, weird, sometimes crazy and all over the place. I hate capitals but love google and absolutely couldn’t live without spell check. I love chocolate chip cookies, wine, colors, bow ties, butterflies, pizza and I’m a total sucker for buttons. I own an etsy shop which has a lil’ bit of all that in it. I’m constantly looking for Amazing people to share. My blog’s is about everything from yummy-husband-approved recipes to funny tales happening in my life. A life I share with my husband Pudding, our 2 cats, Cloud and Timothy, and our cute lil’ cacatoes, Kiki. we like to think that we’re one big happy family.

Michelle from Hot Pink Combat Boots

Hi, I'm Michelle and I live in Washington State. Well........I did.
As a member of the US Air Force Reserves, I have turned my life upside down to move to Germany for 6 months. My job entails transporting the extremely wounded soldiers from the battlefield in Afghanistan to the hospital. It's a tragic, yet incredibly rewarding job. 
I started blogging last year as a way to document my adventure - sort of like an online journal. Hot Pink Combat Boots is NOT a military blog. Instead its full of European trends, fashion (do's and don'ts) along with random tidbits of travel and bike adventures. Speaking of bikes, I have one and her name is Fifi. She can be a bit of a pill sometimes, so occasionally I will feature her latest antics on my blog.
The blog has taken on a life of its own, and what I thought what could 'potentially' be a chore has become the best hobby I ever started.
My passions are many because I'm OCD, but include: photography, writing, fashion, beauty, extravagant trips, interior design, yachting, cooking and shopping for vintage treasures. And of course, blogging!
I realize that you're probably thinking I don't quite 'fit' the military mode. You're right - I am a complete 'MISFIT' in the military, and I'm reminded of the difference every day. The good part is I have passed the 'awkward' stage of my journey and am now surrounded by fabulous friends. My tour is Germany is nearing it's end (I head home at the end of October) - but all that means is the journey will continue........just somewhere else.

and last but by no means least, my little sister...

Alice at Schadenfreude

who hasn't written me an intro yet tsk tsk tsk! so visit her links and see what she is all about :)

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Wedding Outfit

Even though wedding season is technically over now, i still have one to attend in October and i have had the wondeful pleasure of blogging about my ideas of wedding outfit over at Talitha's blog TTimeChatter, please come over and throw in your two cents about which dress i should buy/wear.

also the blog includes these beauties which have just recently graced my feet

I am in LOVE!

Leave me comments here or there so i know what you stylish readers think! flattery will get me everywhere riiight!?

True Life: I'm a Healthy Living Blogger ... sort of

I am teaming up yet again with fabulousbutevil and Mrs Monologues for their TRUE LIFE series. 

This time it is True Life: I'm a Healthy Living Blogger! to be fair though i think my title should read
 True Life: I'm TRYING TO BE a Healthy Living Blogger.

I am in the process of trying to shed 70lbs from my 5"2 frame, through eating healthy and exercising regularly.
 My journey has just begun started many times over, often i go full throttle for a few weeks or even months, before i get distracted, it happens in most areas of my life, so i am doing my best to learn to stick with something

One of the techniques i have started to use is short term goals, medium term goals and long term goals. In order to encourage myself to reach those goals i have worked out some incentives in which i can treat myself. because who doesn't like to spoil themselves once in a while? and how much better does it feel when you know you have worked for it?

Here's an example of how my goals and rewards work...

Short term goals

Goal -10lbs  Reward - membership at the local gym
Goal  -15lbs Reward - buy a M.A.C foundation
Goal  -20lbs Reward - new rain boots

For every 10lbs i lose i will reward myself with a larger/more expensive treat and for the 5's in between something smaller but to keep me motivated 

Medium term goals

I have set myself a goal to lose at least 2lbs a week, every week until Christmas, you can see that post here!
Now instead of focusing on my far far away goal of a 70lb loss, i focus on my weekly 2lb loss.

Long term goals

everyone has that ideal weight they would like to be right? mine is 120lbs, whenever i think about giving up on this i look at the dress i bought a few years ago when i was losing weight but never got into, or i log onto MyFitnessPal and look at what i have done so far, or i visit Pinterest and look at all of the amazing weight loss/ exercise inspiration that is floating around! it really keeps me going!

now to break up this word heavy post...

Not that any of my readers are fat! but i sure as hell am ;)

If you would like to follow my journey or even better join me in it you can keep up with what i am doing my clicking the tab that says weightloss at the top of my blog!

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Banana Bread Muffins

I LOVE Banana bread with all of my heart. 
I have such fond memories of coming home from school and smelling the sweet bready smell wafting through the halls from the kitchen. I remember arguing with my sister over who would get the end piece (the chewiest and most desirable in our house) often my mum would cut both ends off just to placate us as we slathered butter over the hot slices.
Banana bread never lasted long in our house, the two loaves my mum baked would usually be gone within a couple of days.

Recently i have been craving the sweet buttery taste, so much so that the other night i dreamed about Banana bread no less than three times!

When i woke up this morning and saw that my 4 bananas bought for lunches were black, i knew it was the world giving me a sign....

I don't have any loaf pans here so i decided instead to opt to bake them in a muffin tin! I am pleased to say it worked.

as i am on a health kick at the moment i also

Banana Bread Muffins  
recipe adapted from here


3 or 4 very ripe bananas mashed
70g light margarine (melted or very soft)
10g no added sugar peanut butter (this was just to give it a slight peanutty taste but didn't really add anything - can be substituted for 5 extra grams of light margarine)
1 medium egg
150g sugar (I used white caster as that is all we had but i would recommend soft brown if you have it!)
175g flour (I used a wholemeal rye flour to give it a bit more of a healthy boost)
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
1 teaspoon baking powder
a pinch of salt


Preheat oven to 175C (or 350F for you Americans)
Mix the butter into the mashed bananas.
Add in the sugar, egg and vanilla before sprinkling in the baking powder and salt.
Lastly add in the flower and mix together well.

Grease your muffin pan and fill the cups up about 3/4 of the way.
Bake for 20-25 mins or until golden brown on top.
Allow to cool ever so slightly before breaking them open and covering them with butter YUM!

NB to check if they are fully done stick a knife in the middle of the biggest one and if it comes out clean you are good to go!

It makes between 12-18 muffins.

i put this recipe into MyFitnessPal and it estimated the muffins at 106 cals ( i prefer to err on the side of caution so i am assuming these are closer to 150cals) not bad and taste delicious.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

What the Eff Wednesday!

Okay so many of you have been getting excited for fall as have i, but one thing i don't love about fall in Norway (or autumn as it is so rightly called! i am not sure why i am americanising myself here) is the rain! in bergen it rains all the mother effing is my wtf weds pic to prove it!

This was taken at the kindergaten i work at!! i didn't take the photo i stole it from a colleague who i don't think reads this blog but if she does ooops and sorry!

oh how pinteresting...nail art edition


I have been really getting into making my nails look all pretty and interesting recently and have started to dabble in some simple nail art, so i thought i would show you some of the pins i have been getting inspiration from!

I seriously love love LOVE this one and really need to get me some steady hands so i can try it out!

Source: via Sand on Pinterest

one word: Adorable!

Source: via Patti on Pinterest

I really like how sleek this looks

next on my list of things to try. i can't get enough of pink!

My gosh this person must have a steady hand!
Source: via Patti on Pinterest

not sure about the jewels but i would kill for those cute roses!

I had to include a kind of over the top one! not for me but its certainly seasonal!
Source: None via Natali on Pinterest

and for the less adventurous but still outgoing gal

still nicely in season!

hope you all enjoyed this week's "oh how pintresting" don't forget to link up over on The Vintage Apple's blog!

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Hair Help!

Back in 2008, just before i started university i thought it would be a genius idea to bleach the shit out of my really long hair! not discouraged by the massive amounts of damage it caused and constant re dying it needed i carried on bleaching 

and was left with a very shiny brassy yellow - not pretty :/
Around March/April time i decided it was time for a change and chose a deep purply reddish brown colour

which was okay if not a tad boring...anyway the colour started to fade into a strange dirty blondish brown i guess

Untill eventually it turned this BEAUTIFUL colour!!

Which i miss dearly!

and desperately want back! but i have no idea what i would ask for at the hair dressers as i came about the colour in such a round about way.

so my dear readers i have 2 questions for you...

1. what colour would you say this is??
2. Would it be wildly innapropriate for me to take in the 2 photos above to a hairdresser (as they are the only pics i have with this colour)

also i hope you enjoy the photos, as all of them show me either on the way to drinking or actually drinking #studentsdrinktoomuch!?

one more thing...i would like to remind you that you can find me on Twitter and Facebook, i would love to see your faces around there!

Friday, 2 September 2011

TRUE LIFE: I wish i was a food blogger!

Fabulous but evil and Mrs Monologues have been holding their True Life series for a few weeks now and i have known i wanted to get involved...i did the general blogger post here and then sat back and watched as all the other categories kind of passed me by, i have no idea how to define what i do, i often think of amazing posts and then can't carry them off to my satisfaction so i discard them. which leads me to the next True Life topic Food Blogging, i am addicted to food blogs and have always wanted to be one, so i often whip up recipes and try and photograph them, which never turns out the way i wanted to so i throw them on the rubbish heap. This has cultivated in me having a lot of photos of food i have made floating around on my hard drive so i thought i would use this opportunity to post them and show you why i wish i was a food blogger but would probably fail!

I make boring food for dinner

and photograph things in the worst way, no thanks to my super dark apartment

I could do with some lessons on framing thats for sure.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

My fav photograph by far and it's still blurry :(

I love sweet things!

I have decided not to give up on the food blogging though, just to hone my skills a lot  a little more and wait untill we have moved into our new bright apartment before taking any more photos of my creations.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

WTF Wednesday..oh i mean Thursday!

So i meant to start this yesterday but i got distracted. happens when i'm sick, and often when i'm not. anyways basically i have been doing Eurotrash posts but i never have enough photos so i thought i would turn it into a one especially WTF photo a week...hence WTF Wednesdays (from now on.... i hope)

This weeks WTF photo might need a little translating..
barnas = children's
pølser = sausages

i can tell you are already thinking....dubya tee effs!?

well i shall keep you in suspense no longer... presenting to you....

Let's get a closer look at this....

yep that's right "all you need is sausages"

I hope this left you as open jawed as it left me, right before all the LOLs came!
Gotta love the Norwegians and their innapropriate names for food.