Monday, 31 January 2011

Update Betches!

it's 11am and i am sitting in the library, i have been here since before 9am! ..... i figure most of you just fainted from reading those words so i shall give you a little bit of time to compose yourselfs!

Better? good! so yes i have decided to give up on my slacker ways and make one final push in the hope of securing a semi decent grade for my degree. gone are the days of lazing around in bed instead of going to classes, drinking myself into a stupor the day before an exam!  And essays shall no longer be thought about, planned and completed the night before hand in da....who am i kidding!? instead of dilligently highlighting relevent passages for my dissertation, i am instead staring out of the window at a grey and foggy Bergen, checking my facebook and tumblr every five minutes and sneaking little bites of my forbidden rosinboller, but i am in the library and that has to be a start right!?

Monday, 10 January 2011

Sunday at the cinema ( Tamara Drewe)

so apparently there is an unwritten rule in norway that everyone goes to the cinema on sunday evenings. I went along thinking it would be pretty quiet and i could just chill and watch a nice film eat some popcorn and then come home, no stress! ha boy was i wrong!
 I got to the cinema around 18:30 and it was packed to the rafters, thankfully i had bought my ticket online so all i had to do was get it from the little machine and then i popped back out over to 7 eleven because there was no way i was going to try and navioigate though the cinema shop it was crazy crowded.