Tuesday, 9 August 2011

I need YOUR opinions

Usually my Monday's suck, i hate waking up and realising it's the start of the week and i have nothing to do! seriously i know most people complain about work or school starting again after the weekend but i would personally love it (for a short time at least) having no job sucks...

But yesterday was different, when i woke up (earlyish) i discovered that i can take a re sit of a very important exam which will decide the fate of my degree..YAY! so the day was off to a good start, then i finished some bits and bobs crafty projects etc...and then i got another email...one that literally got me so excited that i ended up feeling quite sick woops :p I had been invited for a job interview at the International School of Bergen for the position of kindergarden assistant. I was so pleased not only was this the first possibility of a job i have had in a looong while but also it was at a place i have wanted to work at since i moved here!!!

The interview is tomorrow so in anticipation, I spent today down at Lagunen Storesenter, which is basically a HUGE mall with tons of shops...looking for interview clothes. I came back with a good selection and didn't spend toooo much money (thank you sales!) So now i have narrowed it down to two choices of what to wear tomorrow and this is where i neeed YOUR advice. which one do you think is best for a casual interview?

Also please excuse my face (i have been shopping all day and was too tired/lazy to do anything about it) and the camera quality (bf is still getting used to my crappy camera and how to take flatering photos lol )

Outfit 1.

Top - Cubus, Trousers-Lindex, heels -H&M
Outfit 2.
Top H&M  Trousers and Shoes - as before

argh i am crazy embarassed to show you guys this photo! i did take others after i had picked up the clothes that had fallen down but they all looked even worse than this one! but basically you get the gist of the outfit! also what on earth is my hair doing!? i have this annoying wispy bits which just refuse to stay down!

as you can see the trousers and shoes are basically already decided on. I don't own many pairs of trousers that aren't  jeggings and so these are the smartest pair i have, plus i have been wanting a pair in this colour for agges but had yet to find any that fit. may have done a little skip on enjoyment when i tried these on!

I also managed to score some adorable nail polishes from H&M four for 40kr!

How cute!? i was thinking maybe the coral or yellow for the interview tomorrow or should i leave my nails bare?

I also thought i would add a nice bit of jewelry maybe some drop earrings or a long pendant necklace.


Britt said...

I like outfit #2 and the coral nail polish. Good luck! I know you will do a fantastic job.

Jenna said...

I say go for outfit number two. The first one looks too 'I stopped here on the way to grab a coffee with my friend' if you know what I mean. The second one is very pretty and simple yet professional looking. Maybe add a belt or pin to dress it up a bit more?

Selina. said...

good points both of you, so far i am 2 for 2. my boyfriend and best friend are voting number 1!

Heather said...

I love outfit #2! With the coral polish.

Congrats on the interview!

Selina. said...

Thanks Heather! just put on the coral nailpolish and i think it looks good, hope its not too bright for the interview!

Sarah Elisabeth said...

Outfit number 2! You look good girl, don't worry - relax! You'll do great! Good luck!

Talitha said...

This is a tough one, I think I prefer the stripey top, but then I like the gathering & loose sleeves on the 2nd top...hmmm hard choice. If you go with the 2nd top be sure to jazz it up with a great bright necklace - adds colour to your outfit.

Great nail polishes, wear the coral :)

Talitha xx

Tracy said...

Definitely outfit #2, and with the coral-pink polish. Lovely polish collection! Good luck, Selina... Keep us posted! :o)

Selina. said...

sorry lovelies i disregarded most of your opinions and went for number one, i put on number 2 this morning and felt way too washed out! the interview was great though and i will find out on monday yay!

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Outfit #2 is the winner. Funny, I tried that shirt on today. I'm H&M obsessed.

GOOD LUCK with the interview. You'll do GREAT!!