Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Day One at the Cabin

The journey up to the cabin was long and surprisingly silent. Tom Ian was suffering from a bad hangover so slept most of the way and I was far too busy watching the amazing scenery go by to be bothered to wake him up and talk his ear off.
The drive went almost without a hitch, except for the slight traffic jam we encountered due to someone driving off of the road further up. Luckily Tom (Tom Ian's father) noticed other cars were driving around the jam and we decided to follow them. An excellent move, we skipped the traffic and drove on to Voss.
We didn't really stop in Voss, so I can't realistically strike it from my list, but we did briefly stop at the Rema1000 to stock up on supplies. Once we had them, it was back in the car and on to the cabin! Hooray!

Monday, 20 December 2010


This post shall probably not be all that interesting and for that i apologise, but my head is full of lists so i thought i would share them...

Things to do before Cabintimes:
  1. wrap presents
  2. clean apartment
  3. finish making sweet things (nam)
  4. buy veggie food
  5. wash/pack warm clothes
Things i am looking forward to over the christmas break:
  1. watching a ton of christmas classics
  2. staying in a cabin in the mountains ( i mean fuck yeah!)
  3. reading books for pleasure (thanks becky ;) and not just for school
  4. seasons 3 and 4 of dexter
  5. sleeping, lots and lots of sleeping! 
Things i shall miss this christmas:

  1. Christmas eve drinks with the girlies (and yon)
  2. Waking up waaay early on christmas morning (even before my little sister) because i am just that excited
  3. Chaotic house
  4. The family (obvious one)
  5. Late night shopping under the christmas lights of Leicester. 
Things you should look forward to on this blog:
  1. Christmas cabin blogging
  2. Roll and Rock post
  3. Sworn post (yep finally ticked another thing off my list)
  4. a massive amount of pictures taken by me while in Norway
  5. the usual general rambling (you know you love it)

so untill then i shall sign off from this fairly pointless blog post and bid you adieu


Tuesday, 14 December 2010


I går var jeg med Jeanette.
Yesterday i finally met up with Jeanette

Etter at vi traff hverandre på nesttun, drog vi på lagunen.
After we met each other at Nesttun we caught the bus to lagunen .
Hun kjøpte julegaver til venninene sine, og jeg fikk en liten ting også.
She bought christmas gifts for her friends and i got a little something also.