Thursday, 4 August 2011

One Year in Bergen!!

Exactly one year ago today i arrived in Bergen, and knew almost straight away that this would be my new home. it has been an interesting year of up's and downs. I have gained friends and then lost them, and i have lost loves and found the best one. So to celebrate my first year here i thought i would show you some pictures....

JULY '10
My Norwegian going away party!
August '10
went on my first adventure and bought a coffee cup!

Met some AMAZING new friends!

September '10
Went out lots with Corrine

October '10

Started hanging out with this crazy bisnitch! (dressed up for a 1940's night)
and started drinking more (if that is even possible!!)

November '10
went to a burlesque party in the snow brrr!

December '10
Got all excited for christmas and made my room all red
Had some awesome DUFF times!

Spent my first Christmas in Norway at a friend's cabin with his family
We got quite drunk on white russians!

 jumped into snow that came up to my thighs!
January '11
apparently i didn't take any photos of myself or do anything of interest...woops.

February '11

Got a visit from Alice, was so happy!

Did even more drinking!

This was the day i hiked up fløyen, and then visited the stave church! later this evening i met the love of my life <3

March '10


April '11

I got HARRY POTTER LEGO for easter!

I decided to don a fetching hat for the royal wedding ;) jk it's the awesome stave church

Marie and I did some awesome beer drinking!
May '11

I celebrated my first 17th May in Norway

And i turned 23 two days later
I had cake!

And very expensive but yummy mexican food!

June '11
June was very hectic i spent over 12 hours getting to Finland only to spend a mere  6 hours actually in the country! but at least i got to finally meet an old internet friend Anna! i also broke my front tooth by being an idiot! but it's fixed now yay!

July '11
I ate a huuuge cookie!

and visited a cool waterfall
August '11
I made friends with a goat!


Sarah said...

It's cool that you learned to know so many new people! And the photo of this mexican food looks sooooo delicious! :D
Can I ask you something....Why did you went to Bergen? :)

Have a nice day! xo, Sarah.

Selina. said...

well i came to Bergen on an exchange for my University, i knew i wanted to come to Norway because i had lived here before and fallen madly in love with it, my two choices were Bergen or Tromsø and seeing as the latter only gets sunlight for half of the year i decided Bergen would be my best choice and it definitely was!

I am very greatful that i managed to make lots of new friends and very sad that some of them have moved away again but i feel like making new friends is a great way of seeing the city in different ways!

Have a good day yourself xx

Sarah said...

Thanks for answering!
It's cool that you live there!

Have a nice day!
xo :)

Tracy said...

Happy 1 year, Selina! Your backward glance post & photos--such fun to see. I LOVE your icicle wand... very Harry Potter! (I love HP!) and all those drinks look very tasty... ;o) Hope your 2nd yr is just as adventurous. I've been here in Norway 11 years now. Sometimes it seems like yesterday that I arrived, other days like forever. Anyway, cheers! :o)

Sienna said...

happy 1 year :)

Pixie Phoenix said...

er litt sent ute, men gratulerer!

Skal du være her for alltid eller bare til du er ferdig utdannet?

Selina. said...

Takk skal du ha pixie ^^. jeg skal være her for alltid (jeg håpe)

Selina. said...

Thanks Sienna and Tracy