Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Day 1 of Orientation week. (16/08/10)

Sven, Kati, Punky Italian guy and I met at the Bybanen station at 8am! and let me tell you know amount of coffee will ever make me believe that this ia a valid time in the day!!!. After walking up the obligatory hills we arrived at the student center and recieved our individual welcome packs insert theatrical woooooo.
I was introduced to 'the other brit' Peter and we all made our way into the auditorium which was shaped like a huge egg and suspended above the reception. vair snazzy and space age for a lecture on important things to know in Norway.

here is what i leant about living in Norway;

Important meetings and our first night out in Bergen - 13th august 2010

I woke up at exactly 8am on the morning of my placement meeting. can you say super nervous!?
dressed pretty smartly in a grey dress with pink leather bag strap doubling as a waist belt, along with the addition of a light grey cardi and pearls i hoped to dazzle this, paul holden, into thinking i am a proper teacher!

Thursday, 12 August 2010

One fine day at Fantoft

I woke up this morning to see the sunshine streaming through my windows, the heat in my room made me feel like i was lying in a sauna! had i been transported to another country while i slept? No i was just experiencing one of the apparently rare hot days in Bergen.
Knowing full well that this could turn into a rain shower at any moment, i jumped out of bed and sent Corinne a text suggesting a picnic in the park opposite Fantoft. she agreed, so i packed a light lunch, grabbed my book and a blanket and then off we went.

A quiet day

Yesterday i woke up with an epic hangover, the kind that makes you see phil collins everywhere! don't understand what i'm talking about?

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Quest to buy Coffee...

Since arriving in Norway i have had a strong craving for coffee, ideally a starbucks caramel macchiato but as Norway doesnt have starbucks i am forced to find a cheap alternative.A very good friend of mine, Ørjan told me about a scheme that statoil petrol stations have here, where you buy a coffee cup more like a thermos for 145kr which you can then fill up for free for the rest of the year. this to me sounded like the perfect idea, and yes i hear you asking why don't i just buy a kettle, coffee, some milk and make it myself? well the answer to that is i am a cheap lazy student who cant afford that! so i asked Ørjan to help me search the internets for a statoil station near me, unfortunately there wasn't one within walking distance, but i was not discouraged. I figured i have a monthly buss/bybanen pass now which means i can travel for free so i might as well make use of it. I decided to find a statoil long the bybanen route, lo and behold there was one just a short walk according to googlemaps from the stop Danmarksplass , a mere 5 bybanen stops from me, it is also a 20min walk from danmarksplass to the university an early morning plan was forming! so off i go to find this statoil in the hopes that it will fulfil my coffee craving.

Bergen og Fantoft

this will be another long one probably with not too many pictures as i am lazy :P but i figured it would be best to catch up the blog so all of my post don't have to be soo long!

The airport buss flybussen, dropped me off outside of the busstation, but unfortunately in my sleep deprived state i could not work out where the entrance was so i decided to stealthily follow a group of studenty looking folk to see if they could guide me there. apparently not :/ i was following so stealthily that i lost them within minutes but had luckily found myself right near the trainstation. internally jumping for joy there must be a tourist information in here there wasnt! but i did see a sign for luggage lockers yay a chance to relive myself of 41kg of weight, more internal happydancing was had!. the only lockers left available were right at the top, waay out of my reaching range especially holding a 22kg bag above me but luckily a nice (possibly drunk) norwegian man took pity on me and helped me pile my bags into the lockers. free at last from the weight i decided it was time to find the student center.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Reisen til Norge

(be warned this is probably a long one)

Final preparations for my trip to Bergen began on the 3rd August, i spent the whole morning packing and re packing my suitcases in the hope that they would not be too far over the weight limit - which meant i had to leave a fair amount of my things behind - sad times- i am far too materialistic for my own good :Pbut finally i managed to get packed and ready to leave.The first destination on my Journey was south london in order to say goodbye to my family and to avoid having to drive to the airport from Leicester at stupid o clock in the morning. Driving down to london was so fun especially watching my sister Alice mime along to the new eminiem song feat rihanna.when we got to London we headed straight to my aunts house so i could say goodbye to my beautiful cousins;