Friday, 5 August 2011

True Life: I'm a rambling blogger

Happy Friday people today i am linking up with Mrs Monologues and Fabulous but evil to take part in their link up series true life: I'm a _______ blogger!

I thought it would be nice to re introduce myself here with some lists.


1. I am 23
2. I live in Bergen, Norway with my lovely boyfriend and hopefully soon a cat yay!
3. I blog about tons of different random stuff anything from long rambles about my day to place/product reviews
4. I am currently unemployed (boo!) so i spend most of my day on the computer! or crafting (yay!)
5.  Hopefully soon i will finally be done with my BA TEFL degree and can get a job as a teacher!


1. Lists! i love lists i write them all the time usually detailing all the things i have to do, before i promptly forget to do them and move on to writing another list about something

2. My boyfriend, I know aww (puke puke) but he really is wonderful and is always looking after me!
3. Cats, seriously i would love to be a cat lady as long as i had a huuuge house with lots of windows so i wouldn't smell like one.
4. food, nomz i loves it. could possibly be the reason i never succeed in losing weight but meh sometimes you just gotta have that slice of pizza!
5. crafting, especially at the moment when my head is filled with money/school/life worries i find that sitting down and making something really puts me in a good mood, plus it maks my boyfriend happy as i forget to nag him about things ;)


1. Hangovers (i have one right now and it is threatening to send me back to bed with no supper! which would be terrible *sob*)
2. mean people - i know everyone says that but its because it's so true if you're in a bad mood don't take it out on me just go and have an ice cream, they make everything better!
3. Writing essays/revising for exams and school in general! i just want it all to be over.
4. not having the body of Scarlett Johansson and being too lazy to get it.
5. not having my best friends living close by :( 

So there you have it, now you know some interesting ish facts about me and hopefully you will have come to inevitable conclusion that i am awesome and should be your new BFF!
Me and the Bf on our recent holiday <3

Off to go and wallow in my hangover now.

Happy Weekend!


Mrs. Monologue said...

SO glad you decided to link up. Tara and I need to come to Norway and visit for sure!

tara said...

so good to get to know a little about you! so mrs monologues and i have a place to stay in norway right?? :)

Lindsey said...

Everyone has done this link up today, it's a great way to get to know other bloggers! I also dispise hangovers and get the worst ones. I like can't function, don't leave my bed and only drink gatorade. It's bad!

Selina. said...

Mrs Monologues & Tara, of course although don't be suprised if my boyfriend seems to know little about it. i think it's best to keep him on his toes ;)

Selina. said...

@Lindsey That was pretty much my situation yesterday minus the Gatorade (don't think they have it here in Norway) i spent most of the day hiding in bed with a book and being self pitying, although i am proud to say i managed to make an important call to the university while still a little drunk.

Liz Taylor Training said...

How cool that you're in Norway! You're blog is too cute. I am looking forward to reading more! XOXO from NC, USA!