Sunday, 26 May 2013

Learning to Love Running

I dislike running with a passion!
seriously the whole time I am running I am trying to convince my brain to keep my feet moving, I hate the way it makes my nose run, and my lungs hurt. I hate that my boobs are practically hitting me in the face every other step.
With that being said, it would be safe for you to assume that I wouldn't have any desire to run, but you would be wrong. I long to love it, to be one of the many many Norwegians out at all hours of the day pounding the pavement. I want to be one of those annoying people who says "running is so relaxing" "running makes me feel free".
 So I decided the best way to force myself to become a runner would be to enter myself into a race!
I have entered myself into the iFormLøp 2013 in Bergen. and I am excited as well as scared.

It is 2 weekends away eek!

I started off thinking I could train on the treadmill and that would be enough, I completed my first test 5k in 44.58 minutes and was pretty pleased.

But then I started to get a niggling worry at the back of my head, Would I really be able to do this outside? 
Then I got a lucky break and Norway decided, enough with this winter sh*t! and skipped right over spring into glorious summer weather!

I took full advantage and yesterday got myself all ready for a jog around the lake near my apartment. I was going pretty well... until half way round the lake I suddenly felt like I was either going to throw up, pass out, or even worse BOTH!

The run ended there and I spent the rest of the time resting by the water and trying to find the strength to walk home!
Now, In the past that would have been that! okay I failed, end of that experiment. But this morning as the sun shone through the curtains, I was determined to try again. 

 I finally did it! I still don't enjoy running yet but at least at this pace I think I will be able to manage the 5k!!
no snazzy nike+ flag for my fastest 5k because the annoying gps crapped out and didn't log my run properly! thank God for Endemondo.

The 5K I am doing is still open for entrants, so if any of you Bergensers want to come join me please do!!!

Friday, 10 May 2013

Still truckin'

Despite a strong start at the beginning of the year, my weightloss came to a bit of a stall in April and I found myself losing and gaining the damn 5lbs over and over again.

 It was hard and my motivation has not been forthcoming but i have finally pushed through and seem to be back on track.

January (200lbs) to May (173.6lbs)
 I posted this progress picture on my facebook the other day and I can't believe how much my body has changed in a matter of months.

May in Norway is a crazy time with public holidays left, right and centre which is great as it means lots of breaks from working and lots of time to chill out but it also means lots of sitting inside watching TV (seeing as its still raining rivers in Bergen) or lots of drinking/party time.
so my main goal for this month is to enjoy the parties and celebrations on the long weekend, which includes the Norwegian national day, my dear friend Katharines birthday, my 25th birthday, and then the party for my birthday. and then get back down to business seeing as my holiday is now only 38 days away!!!!

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Summer Wishlist

So the big trip to the US is fast approaching and in a mere 39 days me, my boyfriend and my sister Alice will be hanging out in America!!

I am planning on doing a TON of shopping while I am there, and can't wait to buy some summery things, although I must remember that Bergen's summer tends to last only a day or two so I can't buy too many summer dresses ;)

That doesn't stop me thinking up loose flowing summer outfits for hanging out on the beaches of Southern California, like the one below!

summer hols

I am completely obsessed with that skirt <3 p="">