Thursday, 18 August 2011

Euro Trash Thursday

Ever since i did my last Euro Trash post i haven't been able to stop seeing things that would be perfect for another so today i have decided to post you a few more random pics from around Bergen!
Euro Trash is the brainchild of Michelle over at Hot Pink Combat Boots and if you aren't already addicted to her site, then you best get your butt over there and take a look!

a Bombay Bad Boy - possibly the most disgusting drink i have ever tasted in my life

Partially because it was heavily garnished with black pepper!? meaning every sip meant a new mouthful of pepper  bits in your mouth and a bit whiff of pepper up your nose :/ no thank you!

In a toilet cubicle at Hulen made me laugh although i am not sure what 'riding the bus'  means

Another cubicle picture, this time dedicated to Mr Tom Waits because apparently this artist 'will wait'

Presents i got from TP for our 6month anniversary, my nickname used to be Selina Pink Roses 

An amazing alcoholic milkshake NOMZ

The amazing decor at the indian restaurant we frequent - wish the picture was better!

Tor Petter's Tikka Masala - don't you just love the dished they are served in!

My Korma because i am a wuss about spice!

I also want to remind you that my GIVEAWAY ends this saturday so if you haven't entered do so NAOW!


Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

EUROTRASH! I love it!

Great pics too. What is in the can? Rose flavored cider?? Is it alcohoic?

Riding the bus - hysterical!! Yeah,what does that mean?

I need to give Indian food a try. I had it in Spokane and it was gross. Your pics looks amazing, and anytime there are pretty dishes involved - I'm hooked.


Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

ps - let me know when you are doing a eurotrash prior to Friday and I'll add a link to yours with mine.

Have you heard of linky?