Sunday, 21 August 2011

My Mission - Lose Weight!

I am on a mission to lose some weight!

The history of my weight reads like an epic tragedy, the moment i get anything achieved i manage to self sabotage! which is why i am blogging about this.

 Last summer i dropped around 30lbs i went from 189lbs to 159lbs It was great, i felt happy healthy and energised, but then winter set in and my body went into full on hibernation mode, i stocked up on carbs and slept a lot (the joys of being a student!) The long and short of it, i not only gained the weight back but i added an extra 10lbs on top.

when i first moved to Norway i was at 169lbs, and i felt good!

I have been trying to lose again but it has been hard, living with a boy who is used to surviving off take-aways and frozen pizzas hasn't helped. I currently stand at around 192lbs which feels horrible on my body but i have decided a change is in order.

I have a new job which should keep me busy and stop me snacking all the time, and i have explained to the boy that pizza's don't make me happy so even if he wants to get one can he remember not to ask me, because usually if asked my will power gives up and i give in!

So i have set myself a GOAL it is currently 17 weeks until Christmas (yay) I would like to lose at least 2lbs every week untill then which would mean i would be down by 34lbs - sounds good to me.

I plan to do this by...

  • eating balanced healthy meals packed with lean protein, whole grains and salad.
  • NOT drinking soda and instead drinking water or cordial
  • Walking more, at the moment i have figured out a great walk which takes me about 11km (just under 7miles) but i usually do it like once and then forget to do it for a few weeks so now i have decided to try and do it at least twice a week once during the week and once on the weekend.

I have quite a few goal dresses and things that i want to fit into but by far my favorite is this one

I already have the dress in a size M and have never worn it! although 34lbs isn't going to get me into it, it's certainly going to get me on my way.

I am going to use part of my blog to write about trying to lose weight and keep a track of how i am doing (you should be able to see a tab in the links bar soon!)

I would love it if any of you guys have any TIPS or RECIPES to help me? or if anyone would like to join me in this weight loss i would love to have some support in getting to my goal.

                                                                            Overall Goal


Jenna said...

Good for you girl! If you need any recipes or advice I can certainly help you. Been there done that! Also, if you need a walking/work out buddy/motivator don't hesitate to ask! I'd love to help you, and I need to lose a few lbs myself and I'm super lazy!

Talitha said...

Good Luck Selina! I hope you can stick with it.
Cut out carbs after lunch, as they don't get burnt off unless you exercise after work.
Stay away from anything fried.
Also - print a pic of the pretty white dress and put it where you can see - eg fridge if you are worried you will crack and eat some bad food.

Talitha xx

Anonymous said...

hihi it's alice's friend jessica:)
just like a few things that helped me when i started my diet! :)
i ate blueberrys and cornflakes every morning 'cause blueberry's are really good for speeding up your metabolism! and cornflakes taste nice :p
and drinking water before you eat, because sometimes when you think you're hungry, you're just thirsty!
and when you eat your dinner, eat it really slowly, 'cause it takes around 20 minutes for your brain to actually tell you that your full, so you might be eating more than you think you need to!
swimming is awesome aswell! fucks your hair up but its definitely easier and more effective than going to the gym!
i eat A LOT (especially pasta, which is carb island) and doing those things genuinely helped me lose some pounds! haha shame i didn't keep it up!
hope i helped, even though you might've already have known the things i saiddd:)
good luck lovely! xo

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Hi Selina! Great to hear you are setting goals for yoursel - that will help a ton.

One of the best tricks in the world is to keep a food journal. You write down everything that you eat or drink, and is surprising how many snacks can sneak in.

I've had great success by eliminating:
dairy, sugar, processed foods, fried and alcohol. It's been amzing actually.

Have you heard of The Paleolithic Diet (Paleo Diet, Caveman Diet). Its similiar to what I cut out, but it also limits your carbs.

Set some small goals too so it doesn't seem like such a burden. Aren't boyfriends a waistline killer??

Selina. said...

Hi Ladies, thanks for leaving me messages :)

@Talitha, thats a good idea about the carbs i definitely think i will cut down after lucnh even though i usually work out in the evening. also i have the real thing with the dress so i have it hung on my wardrobe door :)

@Jessica! hey i didn't know you read my blog ^^ they are all great ideas and i looove blueberries i'm so lucky that they grow here and its currently the season, i definitely definitely want to go swimming more!

@Michelle :) Goals really help me -i have a post about them tomorrow ;) I am definitely trying to eliminate all of those things aswell the only dairy im going to be eating atm is something called skyr which is a yoghurt which is 12% proetin and like 0.1%fat its sooo yummy!

I've heard of it but i a new to eating meat and currently only eat chicken so i am not sure my stomach would react well to it. and yes boyfriend's definitely are a waistkiller haha

Sarah Elisabeth said...

A small meal tip! You can buy these single portion oatmeal cups called GREAT at grocery stores in Norway. Fine enough, oatmeal has carbs - but it's complex carbs that leaves you much fuller and less likely to snack up again on more stuff shortly after! I eat these for lunch at school or at a long work day. Another good idea is to cut out bread. Eat more eggs or other things for breakfast, maybe even "knekkebrød", just not bread!

Selina. said...

Sarah Elizabeth i LOVE those great oatmeal things which is unusual because in general i hate porridge :P

Lovely Light said...

Hi- I've lost about 70 pounds, put on 20, and am back down to 70 pounds off. This was all in the last 2.5 years. It is so easy to gain the weight back in just a few months. If you can figure out what kind of eater you are, you can make a plan of action. I was an over-eater; snacking was never my problem. So I forced myself to have smaller meals more frequently so that I never got ravenously hungry. I tell myself that if I want more, I was have it later or tomorrow. It will be there. Kid's portions in restaurants are great. Doing this helped me lose my first 40 or so, but I really had to up the exercise at that point to lose the rest. Do something you like- recently, to lose the last few pounds, I've taken up belly dancing! Or go with a partner (my hubby) because I'll always let myself down by not going, but not him.

Just some thoughts!

Mariella said...

my mission... GAIN WEIGHT...
I really like the look of being curvy... :') xx

Selina. said...

Mariella, i like the look of being curvy too, i just wanna be healthy and curvy. I would rather look like scarlett johansson than a bag of bones like keira knightly any day!

british girl in norway said...

I just found this post and have decided its a must to for me to follow your blog now! :) In Norway and doing the weightloss thing too!

I did the exact same thing... Two years ago I dropped 40lbs approximately and loved it I was curvy (probably about 130lb) but felt fabulous at the same time... Then i put it on again, plus a few! I started the weightloss journey all over again and am about 20lbs in so far! Christmas is going to be a tough time though...