Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Setting Goals and Rewards

One of the hardest things for me when trying to lose weight is sticking to it! I do great during the week and then Saturday rolls around and the BF offers me a beer which in turn ends up being a handful of chips, another beer, a slice of pizza and an extra 3lbs to end the week, which of course doesn't put me in the greatest mood for the new week. 
So i have been thinking of ways to combat the temptations and i thought i would share them with you.

  • Setting reasonable weekly weight loss goals, although i know i could push myself the whole week and lose 5lbs i also know that if something happens to throw me off it can be very disheartening if i don't make the goal, so by setting myself a minimum 2lb a week goal it makes it easier to achieve, plus if my goal is 5lbs and i only lose 4lb it is a disappointment, if my goal is 2lb and i lose 4lb it is an added bonus.

  • setting out small rewards to go with the goals, I'm not talking every week get a reward because i lose 2lbs, that wont make the bigger goals special, but saying to myself if i can lose 8lbs in the next month then i will treat myself to that pair of earrings i have been wanting for ages.

  • Treat Meals, i learnt this from my personal trainer last year, every week i would have one treat meal on a saturday (or whenever i picked) it doesn't have to be something full of fat but it meant if i was craving a bowl of cheesy pasta all week, or a bag of crisps, i could have them without feeling guilty. I think by allowing treats it stops us breaking down and binging on them late at night.

  • Pintresting motivational pictures- This is something new i have been trying, sometimes seeing something that you want to achieve can motivate you to work harder for it... here is one of mine..

  • one last thing i do is think about the clothes i want to fit into, in fact i have my favourite goal dress hung up in my bedroom so i can always see it. and i have to say seeing it when i wake up definitely motivates me to keep going.
Sorry for the text heavy post today, i hope you enjoyed it anyway.

Do any of you set yourself rewards when you meet weight loss goals? or any goals for that matter? what kind of motivations do you use?

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Sarah Elisabeth said...

You go girl! I completely understand what you mean about how hard it is to stick with it. Right now, I'm just trying to take it step-by-step and try to be good as much as possible! Keep going, I believe in you!

Talitha said...

I think the treat meal is the best idea, because if you cut out (for eg) chocolate from your entire diet...your body will crave it, and in turn you may fall off the wagon. Whereas if you know the treat meal is coming up you can be good up until that point, then have a little reward. Just not a family size block of choccie hehe.

Good luck Selina :)

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Selina. said...

twitter/facebook links are on the side