Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Euro Trash

One of my favourite blogs and bloggers is Michelle over at Hot Pink Combat Boots. and every so often she does these great posts where she posts all the pictures she doesn't have a place for and usually some hilarious photos of peoples terrible fashion choices. So after sifting through my photos and realised i had quite a few that i had nothing to do with so here i am posting my very own...
Euro Trash


Yes you read that right SEXperia, my jaw dropped when i saw this advert! it's not like sex means something different in Norwegian! WTEFFFSSS

Hehe whenever i see this sign, i think of boobies! yes i am childish haha!

I miss christmas time and hot chocolates!
It was only a short one this time but i hope you enjoyed my few random pictures ^^


Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Awwww - I love that you did a EuroTrash. Photography for you will never be the same. Now you'll find yourself looking for odd things to put in your next edition.

SEX? Wow- clever marketing!!

Heidi Suul Næss said...

hahaha, jeg tenker også på pupper hver gang når jeg ser det skiltet :p win!