Monday, 22 August 2011


It seems to me that Toms are a bit like Marmite, you either love them or you hate them. Me, I love them, i have been wanting a pair for years, but for some reason every time i was going to buy a pair something stopped me, not sure what or why but it was quite annoying.

However now i have a legit reason for buying a pair (or two) as my work requires comfortable indoor shoes and seeing as i am not Norwegian or a Mental patient i do not have any desire for these shoes to be Crocs like my lovely boyfriend so genuinely suggested (eurgh)

 many Norwegians seem to have an unhealthy love for these ugly ugly things!

Not only do i love the simple design of Toms and how comfortable and long lasting they are, I also love what they stand for, the idea that me buying a pair of these shoes means a child less fortunate gets a pair too really warms my heart. If you have been stuck under a rock somewhere and haven't heard about what TOMS do you can read about it here.

They have also branched out into eyewear.
I would love a pair like this! pity the summer is already over here. ah well i will have to add them to my 'things for next summer' list along with these gorgeous TOMS wedges!


I think i have decided i will get two pairs because i know i am going to want to wear them out and would end up ruining the ones for work, i am currently thinking of getting some grey ones (shown below) and some brown ones (see top of post)


What do you guys think of TOMS? do you LOVE them? or DESPISE them? let me know :)


Alyssa said...

LOVE them! surprisingly comfy and so simple!

definitely get two pairs though...i'm already considering a few more pairs in different colors...mine are close to being worn through already because i've been wearing them so much! :)

Anonymous said...

totally got rid of my canary yellow ones before moving here because they took up room in my suitcase. BIG MISTAKE! i wish i had kept them...but i brought my stupid converse all stars instead. dumb because i hate dressing like everyone else and everyone here has damn converse shoes. LOL!

Talitha said...

I agree - crocs are ew - no matter how fashionable haha.

We don't have Toms here, but it seems like a really nice brand

Talitha xx