Thursday, 21 October 2010

Hulen staff party and The first flakes of snø

Yesterday Nicole, Corrine and I attended our first Hulen staff party. The theme was the 1952 Oslo winter Olympics or for the slightly less adventurous just 1950’s.

People really went all out which was wonderful to see. People were dressed in snow suits, or even better in Norwegian flag thongs with mini skis on their arms! Nicole and I decided against the Olympics theme and went for the easier option.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010


“Lefse is a traditional soft Norwegian flatbread. Tjukklefse or tykklefse (thick lefse) is thicker and often served with coffee as a cake. Lefse is made out of potato, milk or cream (or sometimes lard) and flour, and cooked on a griddle. Special tools are available for lefse baking, including long wooden turning sticks and special rolling pins with deep grooves.
There are significant regional variations in Norway in the way lefse is made and eaten, but it generally resembles a flatbread, although in many parts of Norway, especially Valdres, it is far thinner. In central Norway, a variation called tynnlefse (thin lefse) is made, which is rolled up with butter, sugar and cinnamon (or with butter and brown sugar).”

Monday, 18 October 2010

Høst i Bergen

So autumn is well and truly here in Bergen, the leaves are golden brown and crunchy underfoot, while the air is crisp and clear, or at least it was before the rain started!
I was going to make this post all about autumn and the things I have been doing but instead I got distracted thinking about all the things I am looking forward to over the coming months. So here are a few of them...

Sunday, 10 October 2010

I haven't forgotten you

Hello there my lovely blog, i haven't forgotten you i am just too damn lazy to write you these days, but i figured it is about time for a short update so here it is...

In the time i have been away i have finished level one of my norwegian class but still feel completely lost! luckily i have also obtained an amazing tutor who not only helps me with the language but also makes me laugh so hard i feel like what ever liquid i am currently drinking is going to come flying out of my nose, not only does this boy tutor me he has also provided me with a huuuge tv and an external cd drive for my computer along with a multitude of hugs. he is quite amazing really.