Sunday, 14 August 2011

Apartment Renovations and a trip to Ikea

TP and I are currently working on renovating our new apartment, in the hope that we will be able to move in sometime in October, which is super exciting and has got me going pintrest crazy for some inspiration.
So yesterday i managed to drag myself and him out of bed before noon in an effort to go and grab some things i needed from Ikea and also get some ideas of what we wanted in the new place. The trip went really well, which was surprising because we definitely have different design tastes he prefers dark colours, reds and blues and i prefer light airy creams with touches of bright sunny colours. But that being said he definitely has given me a lot of creative control over the interior so despite one little wobble (READ: mini breakdown) over the kitchen stuff, we had a great time. I thought i would show you a couple of the pieces we have decided will grace our new teeny apartment.

First off is this baby! as soon as we saw it we both instantly agreed it would be perfect for our apartment as it's so compact but opens out to a decent size, which means we can have friends over for dinner, we would also get some cute folding chairs that could be put away when we aren't using the table.



This is going to be one of two wardrobes we have and behind one of the doors we are going to put the computer, because we have such little space in our room we thought it would be a cool idea and a great way to be able to shut the computer away when we need a break from the hustle and bustle of the internets!


we have decided on a nice simple 'starter' bed, because it's cheap for one and we again not much space means fancy beds with lots of storage underneath would be lost on us. 


You may have noticed the trend of very neutral colours in the items we have chosen, this is not because we are boring people and want to live in a beige house but rather i have decided it would be best to have lots of neutral base colours and then brighten them up with accessories which can be easily changed depending on mood, it means that at Christmas time i can go my usual red crazy with warming blankets and big soft pillows and then in spring time i can change the heavy blankets with light ones of spring greens and sky blues.



we have also thought about getting some of my photography blow up and framed or put onto a canvas to adorn our walls.

I am also hoping to use the renovation as an excuse to get super crafty yay! 
Take a look at my pinspirations HERE

I find out if i have gotten the job tomorrow so cross your fingers for me.


Ida K said...

Ahaha! I have that table!

Sarah Elisabeth said...

Very awesome! I love IKEA!!

Selina. said...

Me too, i can spend hours in there!

Anonymous said...

i wish i was able to decorate a place right now!!!

Selina. said...

mwgan, our apartment is a looong way off actual decoration so right now these are just pipe dreams haha

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

You have some great things to work with. Love the idea of 'closing the office space'. It can suck you in if it's just sitting there.

I want the folding desk/table for my dorm room.

Moving sucks, but its worth it if you get all new furniture!