Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Back from the Cabin

yes readers you read right, i am back from a lovely relaxing-ish long weekend away at my boyfriend's familiy's cabin. It was so much fun, the sun was shining and the views were breathtaking
View from the Cabin

The glacier you can see from the Cabin (excuse the pic quality it was taken in the evening)

Although i have had my fair share of camping/outdoor experiences i wasn't looking forward to what i had been told was a long and grueling hike up to the cabin, so i was pleasantly surprised when the hike time was cut in half due to a new road that meant we could park a lot higher up. However that's not to say the hike up wasn't eventful, after hiking up the steepest part we came across a sheep "aww how cute" was my reaction
deceptively cute

Little did i know that a mere 5 minutes later as i was hauling myself up a swampy hill with my feet soaking wet that i would be charged at by about 10 billion 3 more who had freaked out by the idea of people in their field. needless to say i practically cried while my boyfriend tried not to laugh out loud at me. This was the first of many encounters i had during the break and it is now safe to say that i have a small phobia of sheep!

I have tons of pretty pictures and fun stories to tell you but i figured i would spread them out a bit.

In other news tomorrow is my one year anniversary of being in Norway! and i am very excited, i intend to celebrate it the way i would a birthday so seeing friends and getting drunk on pimms and lemonade!

also my boyfriend is convinced that i shouldn't put the pictures up of the views from the cabin because someone will be able to work out where it is! i think he is sorely mistaken so i thought "challenge accepted" if anyone can work out where i stayed (no exact locations please...don't be creepy) the closest big town will do then i will give you a prize! like for real send you something in the post! (send me an email with the answer)


Jello♥ said...

nice pictures!!
looks awesome and relaxing...

= )

Jenna said...

Nice :) Where is your cabin? It looks extremely similar to where mine is.

Jenna said...

Woops, just noticed the challenge...I'm going to say it's around Rasdal, Voss being the closest big town.

Anonymous said...

jesus christ i can't read >.< sorry!

Selina. said...

Good guess Jenna but nope not near Voss, i did stay in a cabin near voss for christmas which was beautiful!