Saturday, 3 July 2010

Ticket Booked!

the title really says it all i have finally booked my plane ticket. I am officially moving to Bergen on August 4th 2010 and i am damn excited!

I decided to move in quite early as i thought it would be nice to get a chance to explore the city a little before all the introductory classes and lectures start.

So now all i really have to do is decide what im going to take with me, two 20kg suitcases really doesn't seem enough :/ where will all my shoes live!? although as i am losing weight at the moment chances are i will have to do some shopping before i go *le sigh* it's a hard life!

**in other news**
I have just gotten back from my camping holiday to camber sands in sussex and i am vair tanned which i am enjoying lots but now it is back to the drudgery of Leicester and work at least the sun is still shining :)

right i'm off to do some inventory of the huge pile of clothes and shoes on my floor most of which i am pretty sure i will never wear again ha!

kyss kyss beaches!