Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Oh How Pinteresting - DIY Gift Edition

Today as always on a Wednesday i am linking up with Michelle from The Vintage Apple


I love giving gifts at Christmas and i think it is even nicer to give handmade gifts as it adds that personal touch! 
So here are my pinterest inspirations..

I want this!

I think this is an adorable extra little gift idea especially if you are giving someone a cute tea cup or something ;)

I adore how these look and you could put in some lovely christmassy ingrediants

I am working on an idea for something like this for a co worker of mine!

Yummy how good do these look?

Did you guys link up this week?? do you have any go to homemade Christmas gifts?

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Chocolate Gingerbread Muffins

So on sunday night i decided enough was enough i had to get my not so little arse back on track and plan myself a week of healthy eating and exercise..
cut to late Monday evening, exhausted from work and experiencing a hardcore sugar craving, 
so i said what any self respecting person would...

Fuck Ze Diet!!

and rummaged through my cupboards untill i found the ingredients for something sweet and satisfying which in this case was a muffin mix and some gingerbread spices

and lo the Chocolate Gingerbread Muffin was born! and gosh darnit it they were deeelicious!

I feel like giving the recipe is a little redundant seeing as i made them from a packet mix and just added some extras but what the hell i might as well...

You will need:
  • 1 packet of muffin mix (or whip up your favourite basic muffin recipe if you have the time and patience)
  • gingerbread spices, i used a pre mixed spice mixture but i did a bit of searching on the ol'googleator and found this
  • Cocoa powder
  • brown sugar

How i did it:

1. Make up the muffin mix according to instructions, seeing as i was kinda breaking my diet and felt a little guilty i used natural oil in place of melted butter.
2. add in two teaspoon of spice mix. now i know you might be like whaaat that is a lot of spice but i really wanted these muffins to be warm and inviting and i love that deep spice flavour
3. add in a tea spoon of cocoa powder
4. mix all together and divide into muffin cases, sprinkle a little brown sugar on top and bake in the oven according to instructions
5. gobble down accompanied by a hot chocolate because let's face it we clearly aren't on a diet at this point ;)

The result: winter ready bliss

Hope you guys enjoyed ;)

Monday, 28 November 2011

Fun With Our Phones Monday Link Up

I really like this Monday link up, it gives me a jump start on the weeks blogging and also encourages me to use the camera on my phone a bit more.

So here i am linking up with Savanah Smiles for

I did my first babysitting job in Bergen for a lovely family and i kind of fell in love with the idea of a corner fridge!

a must for my ideal kitchen, if only that would't take up all the space in the new kitchen :(

I bought  a super cute new nail polish (for waaay too much money)
OPI  - My Private Jet
I got all dressed up and tried to take some cute phone photos!
It didn't happen...

apparently i cannot keep my eyes open for photos :/

It was the first sunday of Advent so i got to light one of my cute purple candles

It's weird but in Norway advent apparently HAS to be purple!

do you like my cute advent candle holder! it was a steal for 20kr
damn the photo is bad :/

Feeling in the christmas spirit i started christmassyfiying (thats a word right!?) our apartment

and then i spent my Sunday super hungover watching Twilight...

judge me as you will ;)

So what did you guys get up to last week??

Sunday, 27 November 2011


I haven't forgotten about my weekly challenge to photograph an outfit of the week so here it is..

Out shopping with the lovely Alyssa from freeways and fjords.

This was taken before i tried my first slice of pumpkin pie (yum) and the rain decided to try and drown us!

Jumper - Lindex
Long shirt - Cubus
Leggings and long socks - H&M
Boots- Ecco

I really wish i had managed to get a proper photo of my outfit i wore later for a 30th but i was too tipsy to remember!! i did take some posy camera phone pictures which i will show you instead ;)

next time i will for sure get a proper photo of the outfit!

what do you guys think?

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

oh how Pinteresting - all that glitters edition

As always(ish) i am linking up with the wonderful Michelle from The Vintage Apple for her Oh How Pinteresting Link up


Now that the Holiday Season is upon us i have a sudden urge to make everything glittery so today's link up is dedicated to all that glitters (and needs to be in my life)

Infinity scarf + sequins = perfect for a casual night out with friends celebrating the holiday season without going too far over the top! simple and subtle can be sparkly too!

I recently got a similar one to this and have been wearing it over a neutral pink with looks super pretty and all the little girls at my work are waaay jealous ;) so mission accomplished!

only one word is truely needed for these! DIVINE! and if i could i would wear them everyday even to work. then the little girls would worship me i am sure!

Super cute! i really need to find one of these to go with my little black dress for our works julebord!

are you ladies in that glittery festive mood yet??

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

I got Crafty for the Holidays

I feel like now the holiday season is rolling around my craftyness has gone into overdrive
In the past few days I have done a ton of new bows for my etsy you can see them here

I have  made some cute fabric roses for a top secret project of mine ;)

Also i have made an awesome Christmas decoration made out of shiny red and gold lucky stars and it is the perfect size for our tree (as it is going to be mini)

sorry for the super duper crappy photo quality there! (bring on the pro camera TP and I are getting each other for xmas!)

I also felt very inspired by British Girl in Norway and decided to make my boyfriend his very FIRST stocking!

Obviously this isn't the finished project i just bought some fabric from ikea this evening and have cut out the pattern! tomorrow is sewing day to see if it all worked out! the pattern is kind of made up so i hope this works!!

also I kind of went Christmas mental in Ikea this evening and came home with lots of adorbs stuff for our apartment including this beauty

and yeah i realise i could probably make this without too much hassle instead of spending $25/£16 but it is effort and this one was just so perfect!

Have you guys been Crafty recently??

Monday, 21 November 2011

Fun with our Phones Monday

It's Monday so i am Linking up with SavanahSmiles again for

A beautiful sunrise on Monday morning!

Only to have a super frosty day on Tuesday

And i watched a gorgeous sunset at work on Wednesday and then i realised with dismare that the sun was setting at 3:30 :(

I didn't take many other pictures this week so i thought i would show you what i made this week and what is now available in my ETSY shop just click the photos for the link

This is just the first of many i have made this week and will be putting up slowly during the week.
They are only $7 each!! what do you guys think of them?? i wish my photographs were better but trust me they are soooo cute!!!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Meet Michelle from Hot Pink Combat Boots

Hey Guys, I cannot believe how much of a bad sponsor host i have been! i completely forgot to post one of my FAVOURITE bloggers guest post! but i have remembered now and here it is please welcome...

Hi everyone, I"m Michelle from Hot Pink Combat Boots. I am a sponsor of Selina's and am honored at the opportunity to be part of her blog.

So WHO am I?
I am your basic female that loves to go shopping and do the traditional fun-loving activities women enjoy such as movies, reading, crafts and decorating. BUT I have a unique twist to my life story. I'm in the US Air Force (reserves), and am currently living in Germany and working daily with the tragically wounded soldiers arriving from the battlefield in Afghanistan. This line of work has given me a new perspective of what is important in life as well as the value of living each day to its fullest.  

Over the last 10 months, my blog has been a blend of many things - but mostly about traveling, fashion trends, and a teeny bit about my H&M shopping problem. The BIG NEWS is I'm moving back to the states in a week and there will be a whole new slew of adventures headed my way.

When I first arrived in Germany I bought a bike and named her Fifi. I decorated her with travel stickers, and her and I traveled Europe via the rail system. The sad news is I won't be able to bring her with me, so she will stay behind and hopefully continue her adventures with a new owner. Check out my blog for my upcoming announcement of this news along with what is coming up next for me.

I pondered about what to write about for Selina's blog, and thought I would list things I was grateful for. In turn, I want you to list 5 things in  your comments that YOU are grateful for. 
GIVEN ITEMS are family, spouse (significant other), god (whatever religion you practice), friends, and general health. Really think about it...... and be creative.
 Here's my list: I'm grateful for: 
1. My independence, and my ability to not be held back by fear
 2. The crisp autumn air and how it fills up my lungs and makes my cheeks rosy 
3. Everything the Military has done for me and the opportunities it provided 
4. Knowing how to cook and type ( I know...2 random skills to throw together) 
5. Finally.... I'm truly grateful for the small gestures other people do. A kind word, a small gift a genuine smile. These moments make my day. So....what's yours? 

xoxo, Michelle Hot Pink Combat Boots 

  PS - Thank you Selina!

Saturday, 19 November 2011

A Challenge and an OOTW

The other day i got a text from my gym! it asked me if everything was okay because it hadn't registered me at the gym in the last 45 days! I'm not sure if i am pleased about this? who wants to be reminded by their gym that they are slacking!


That isn't really the point of this post, today i have been thinking about body image and how i view myself. Honestly i think i have some kind of backwards body dysmophia when i think about how i look i imagine myself to be slimmer than i am and sometimes i am genuinely surprised by how large i look in the mirror or in photos. 
I don'y think this way of seeing myself will necessarily change as i lose weight and slim down so i have decided to set myself a challenge.

Every week i am going to do an outfit of the week post which will hopefully let me keep track of how my body changes and also to see how good i can look when i'm all dressed up nice.

Obviously i won't love every photo but i think it will help me work on looking at myself in a more positive way.

So here is outfit number one.

I am loving this mustardy colour at the moment and i think it really compliments my colouring (see i am complimenting myself already!)

Scarf - H&M
 Jumper- Cubus
   Jeggings - Cubus
 Socks- New Look
Boots- Ecco

So what do you guys think of my challenge? a good idea? or do you have a better one for me?

Friday, 18 November 2011

Changes and i NEED your help

I have decided the time has come to really kick in some changes around here!

I have got myself a domain name

and now i am looking for an amazing blog designer who can help me transform this into something a bit more special so if you have any reccomendations or if you are a super snazzy blog designer and want to help pleaaaase get in touch!

I wasss going to change my twitter name to match the domain/email name but alas someone already took it :( so now you can find me at @Wolf_andthe_Fox  
if you haven't already come and said hello pleaase do!

also i have a facebook fan page
which is a little neglected and could always use some love! you can visit that here

In the meantime i thought i would give you all a little sneak peak of some items which should be making it into my etsy store this weekend

as you can see i have gone a bit bow mad!
but i think they are super cute and i will be selling them for pretty darn cheap so keep your eyes peeled!!

right i am off for a good nights sleep! 

please let me know if you know a great blog designer!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Eff, Marry, Kill


Happy Thursday! 
just one more day before the weekend!!!

Today i am taking part in an awesome link up from
Heather aka Blonde...Undercover Blonde  and Michelle aka The Vintage Apple


my candidates are ....

Paul Rudd, Jason Segel and Jonah Hill

This is a pretty tough one for me to be honest because if i had my way i would take both Paul Rudd and Jason Segel away to an island that would let me marry them both! I'm sure they would enjoy being brother husbands!

But thats not the aim of the game so my pick is...

Eff  Paul Rudd...look at that picture above and tell me you don't want him in your bed!!

Marry Jason Segel again look at that picture, his cute little face says it all! plus he has all the components of my dream man, tall, funny sexy and cute! luckily my real life boyfriend fits that description too ;)

Kill  Jonah Hill, hands down! he just drives me insane, i really do not think he is funny!

so there it is!

who would you EFF, MARRY and KILL??

link up so i can see!!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Oh How Pinteresting Wednesdays - Crafty Edition


Hey guys today i am linking up with Michelle aka The Vintage Apple for her
 Oh How Pinteresting Wednesdays.

I have been in such a crafty mood at the moment so i thought i would make this the DIY edition or Thingsihopetomakeifmybudgetwillallowme!

so here i go...

I am working on a bunch of bows for my etsy store atm and i am really thinking i might have to make me one of these!

I am definitely thinking one of these needs to be made for the new apartment!

i LOVE this type of headband so i definitely need to give this baby a go and the red makes it feel so festive!

just found my gluegun so this one is a must ;)

what a cute way of using up those books that have been so well read they fall apart!

So there you have it just a teeny peek into the many many crafty ideas i plan to undertake asap!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Today is a super special day!

Guys today is a super special day my little itty bitty baby sister Alice
 turns 18 Today! 
officially a grown up!

apart from the fact that it makes me feel a bit old, i am so proud of her and all that she does.

Because let me tell you my sister is talented! not only does she have a super cute blog 

But she also makes her own jewelry and is starting her own store!

She is an amazing artist

She is a wonderful photographer

She makes AWHSOME cakes

Designed my tattoo

Just after it was done! hence scabbyness

She is also incredibly intelligent and will most likely end up at Oxford or Cambridge studying something ridiculously complicated like paeleoanthropology (i can't even spell it!!)

and is just an all round AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL TALENTED bisnitch!!!

Also when she was younger she posed like a BOSS

and i hid behind her!

We don't have as many pictures together as we should so here is the best i found!

Yes neither of us are looking because we epicly suck at having photos taken of us! and Yes i am drinking in a park, it's not trampy if it is in summer and YES this was obviously taken in the future when my sister is allowed to drink ;)

Hope you enjoyed all the embarrassing LOVE alice! 

Wish i could be with you on your BIG day!