Monday, 30 May 2011

syttende mai

One of the things i was most looking forward to on my list, was celebrating 17th Mai in Norway. Why? i hear you ask, because in Norway 17th May is a really big deal, it's the day Norwegians celebrate gaining their independence from the Danish in 1814(i think) and people really take it seriously here, it's not like england where on st George's day you see a few flags and maybe a few skinheads getting pissed in the name of our patron saint, here people don their bunads (national dress) or their smartest clothes and head out to watch parades and celebrate with family. So obviously with all this anticipation of Norwegian national pride i was very excited to go and join in the celebrations.


As you my loyal readers may have noticed, i have made a few changes to the ol' blogaroo. Mainly just organising it a little better so it is easy to find different posts. Also i have decided that seeing as i am not only blogging about completing my Norwegian list, but also my general life and soon some Daring Baker challenges, that it is better if i separate the different topics up and soon change the name (when i can get my designer/sister to edit the header for me)
I have quite a few different posts hanging around in my drafts which i have been meaning to post so i am going to try my best to get some of them done this week, but i do have a lot on at the moment as i am preparing to go and teach in finland for two weeks and then after that i am making a visit back to blighty to see friends and family. so i am a busy busy bee!