Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Job Interview

The Interview went extremely well, i wore outfit number 1 because when i put outfit number 2 on i felt super washed out :( Anyhoo i don't know if i have the job until Monday, which is laame because i am very impatient.

BUT luckily for me when i got home, the man i interviewed with called me and asked if i would be happy to help out a summer school tomorrow, friday and maybe next week! I of course instantly said yes, so now i have a small job which will hopefully lead to a full time one either way (the interviewer asked if i didn't get the job would i be happy to substitute- which again was an obvious YES) so fingers crossed next week i will be discussing worky things yay!

and tomorrow we are taking a to the VilVite Science center! which sounds super fun! I am excited and feeling good.

I'm working on another post for you all later so until then

ha det xx


Jenna said...

Congrats! I was on the train with you today, I think...I saw you at Wergeland station and I was like Oooh that's Selina and she wore outfit number 1 I see :P If I had seen you sooner I woulda said hi!

Selina. said...

haha really? are you sure it was me? i didn't go as far as wergeland :P

Sarah Elisabeth said...

Congrats! Bet you'll have a full time job sooner than you think!

Jenna said...

I coulda swore it was you! It was the outfit :P I think it was Wergeland anyway, but yea, mighta been wrong!