Friday, 11 November 2011

Shop News & Mrs. Monologues Giveaway Extravaganza!

Guys i am super excited because i am working on a lot of new cute things for my etsy store

Haven't visited my etsy store yet!? well why the hells not it's awesome and affordable (and as of  Monday will have a BUNCH of new things in it!

also i made it a cute new banner and button which despite how simple it looks took me a loooong ass time to complete!

ANNNND if that wasn't good enough a quick heads up to let you know that i will be participating in Mrs Monologues Christmas Extravaganza, so one of you lucky bisnitches could win something i made for FREE! 

go check out her blog to find out what the deelio is!

1 comment:

british girl in norway said...

Ooow I hadn't seen your Etsy shop till now! Gorgeous bits on it :) Nice banner too, I can seriously appreciate how long those things take!