Monday, 28 November 2011

Fun With Our Phones Monday Link Up

I really like this Monday link up, it gives me a jump start on the weeks blogging and also encourages me to use the camera on my phone a bit more.

So here i am linking up with Savanah Smiles for

I did my first babysitting job in Bergen for a lovely family and i kind of fell in love with the idea of a corner fridge!

a must for my ideal kitchen, if only that would't take up all the space in the new kitchen :(

I bought  a super cute new nail polish (for waaay too much money)
OPI  - My Private Jet
I got all dressed up and tried to take some cute phone photos!
It didn't happen...

apparently i cannot keep my eyes open for photos :/

It was the first sunday of Advent so i got to light one of my cute purple candles

It's weird but in Norway advent apparently HAS to be purple!

do you like my cute advent candle holder! it was a steal for 20kr
damn the photo is bad :/

Feeling in the christmas spirit i started christmassyfiying (thats a word right!?) our apartment

and then i spent my Sunday super hungover watching Twilight...

judge me as you will ;)

So what did you guys get up to last week??


Sarah Elisabeth said...

Have you seen Breaking Dawn yet? I went to a Twilight marathon at the movies here and spent 9 hours there watching Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and then the midnight premiere of Breaking Dawn with a friend of mine! It was awesome!

Anonymous said...

i need to rewatch all the twilight movies :( i didnt bring them with me here so i have to find them somewhere!

that fridge is awesome! this weekend i just spent at a julebord (not company one this time...just friends) and then relaxed and studied yesterday. nothin big. but now im feeling sick :(

Selina. said...

You can come over to mine to watch them!

british girl in norway said...

I really ought to buy some movies to watch now its gotten colder - Thanks for the idea :) I've been scribbling down christmas wishlists, putting the tree up and started wrapping presents! Busy, busy!

Selina. said...

amazon FTW you can get so many cheap deals just make sure its less than 200kr ;)

also Sarah, no i haven't my bf is refusing :( so i am going to watch the previous films and then go see the new one on my own BOO :(

Talitha said...

Advent is purple here too!

And I need to start Christmasyfying too hehe, I don't even have a tree :(

Talitha xx

Selina. said...

it is? how funny i have never heard of that before :/

we don't have a tree yet either apparently the real ones don't go on sale untill dec 12th!!!!