Sunday, 20 November 2011

Meet Michelle from Hot Pink Combat Boots

Hey Guys, I cannot believe how much of a bad sponsor host i have been! i completely forgot to post one of my FAVOURITE bloggers guest post! but i have remembered now and here it is please welcome...

Hi everyone, I"m Michelle from Hot Pink Combat Boots. I am a sponsor of Selina's and am honored at the opportunity to be part of her blog.

So WHO am I?
I am your basic female that loves to go shopping and do the traditional fun-loving activities women enjoy such as movies, reading, crafts and decorating. BUT I have a unique twist to my life story. I'm in the US Air Force (reserves), and am currently living in Germany and working daily with the tragically wounded soldiers arriving from the battlefield in Afghanistan. This line of work has given me a new perspective of what is important in life as well as the value of living each day to its fullest.  

Over the last 10 months, my blog has been a blend of many things - but mostly about traveling, fashion trends, and a teeny bit about my H&M shopping problem. The BIG NEWS is I'm moving back to the states in a week and there will be a whole new slew of adventures headed my way.

When I first arrived in Germany I bought a bike and named her Fifi. I decorated her with travel stickers, and her and I traveled Europe via the rail system. The sad news is I won't be able to bring her with me, so she will stay behind and hopefully continue her adventures with a new owner. Check out my blog for my upcoming announcement of this news along with what is coming up next for me.

I pondered about what to write about for Selina's blog, and thought I would list things I was grateful for. In turn, I want you to list 5 things in  your comments that YOU are grateful for. 
GIVEN ITEMS are family, spouse (significant other), god (whatever religion you practice), friends, and general health. Really think about it...... and be creative.
 Here's my list: I'm grateful for: 
1. My independence, and my ability to not be held back by fear
 2. The crisp autumn air and how it fills up my lungs and makes my cheeks rosy 
3. Everything the Military has done for me and the opportunities it provided 
4. Knowing how to cook and type ( I know...2 random skills to throw together) 
5. Finally.... I'm truly grateful for the small gestures other people do. A kind word, a small gift a genuine smile. These moments make my day. So....what's yours? 

xoxo, Michelle Hot Pink Combat Boots 

  PS - Thank you Selina!

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