Monday, 14 November 2011

Fun with our phones Monday

I have had a little trouble getting ideas finalised for posts at the moment so i thought i would try a new link up to see if  it helps spark some ideas.

So i chose  the Fun with our phones Monday link up from Savanah at Savanah Smiles.

Lots of Foggy mornings these days!
Winter is definitely coming!

Tall Candles in Mason Jars light up our front doorstep perfectly with the dark settling in early.

We took the kids to Bergen Aquarium and i made friends with the cutest little penguin, who kept snapping at the kids boots!

A sneek peak at some of the things i am working on for my ETSY store

and another you lucky lucky things ;)

It was a FUN week! how was yours?


Talitha said...

I really like this post, the first pic is gorgeous!

I need to get cracking on items for my Etsy debut, lots more sewing to do!

Talitha xx

Faith said...

How fun!! LOVE that first photo!

Jewely Bug said...

Gorgeous photos! I love the foggy one as well as the items you are making. I will be checking out your Etsy store shortly.
I found you via Savanah's link up. :)

Mary Ann said...

Your woven curb chain bracelets are so pretty!