Tuesday, 22 November 2011

I got Crafty for the Holidays

I feel like now the holiday season is rolling around my craftyness has gone into overdrive
In the past few days I have done a ton of new bows for my etsy you can see them here

I have  made some cute fabric roses for a top secret project of mine ;)

Also i have made an awesome Christmas decoration made out of shiny red and gold lucky stars and it is the perfect size for our tree (as it is going to be mini)

sorry for the super duper crappy photo quality there! (bring on the pro camera TP and I are getting each other for xmas!)

I also felt very inspired by British Girl in Norway and decided to make my boyfriend his very FIRST stocking!

Obviously this isn't the finished project i just bought some fabric from ikea this evening and have cut out the pattern! tomorrow is sewing day to see if it all worked out! the pattern is kind of made up so i hope this works!!

also I kind of went Christmas mental in Ikea this evening and came home with lots of adorbs stuff for our apartment including this beauty

and yeah i realise i could probably make this without too much hassle instead of spending $25/£16 but it is effort and this one was just so perfect!

Have you guys been Crafty recently??


british girl in norway said...

Hehe glad you were inspired! I'm lacking inspiration at the moment I feel my creative-ness has just sort of died a death :( Not very christmassy!

I LOVE that cushion too at first glance I thought you'd made it until I actually read everything, it looks so home-made and cute! Can't fault IKEA for that :)

Talitha said...

I haven't, my sewing room has been taken over by a house guest at the moment >.<

I love the yellow flower you made, looks fantastic!

Talitha xx