Sunday, 13 November 2011

Taking baby steps to get back on track

I haven't blogged about my weightloss efforts for a while, to be fair i haven't blogged about much for a while, but that is not the point.

After losing a whole STONE thats 14lbs in a matter of weeks, i went away for a glorious holiday in Morocco and ate a lot of Junk food, instead of getting back on track when i got home i continued eating badly.
 I am not sure if it was because i was out of the habit, or because the days started getting darker and i started craving crabs or if it was because i was having a shitty time at work and frankly couldn't care less about anything let alone eating healthy. Whatever it was it set me back this morning the scale read 184 and let me tell you i was not happy at all! 
My goal for Christmas seems so far away


I cannot give up! ¨

I just can't so i have decided to take some baby steps to get me back into the old habits.

 i have resisted the junk food this morning and i am getting myself ready for a long day of cleaning the apartment before a nice long walk as the sun sets.

I have also decided to try this challenge i saw on pinterest.

It looks like it could be fun to try and not too hard, i have already done day one! 
I am also going to use the hand weights i bought recently to get some toning in, because my jiggles are getting jiggles!
top that with some healthy eating and more important meal planning all beautifully planned in my even more beautiful Erin Condren planner!

So ladies what are your techniques to lose some of the jiggles before Christmas??


british girl in norway said...

I did the same when I went to england the first week orso I stuck to my diet (ate less if Im honest as I was worried,) then bam the junk food started and well.. If I honest hasnt really stopped! I lost 8KG and NEED to keep that off and loose another load so I keep telling myself to get my butt in gear and stop eating rubbish (And carbs!) yesterday improved a little but today its back to it.

Mind you the hours spent chasing my dog every time I let him off his lead is the only major exercise I'm doing at the moment :S I like your plan though it sounds fairly simple :)

Selina. said...

it can be so hard to lose weight here, once the cold weather sets in all i want is bread! i am actually following a diet plan called the 17 day diet but since my holiday i keep getting stuck at certain hurdles. ah well back on the bike and keep going i guess ;)

Tammy said...

I need to start exercising again, I've lost about 7kg but as I'm still a size 16 I still want to lose more.

It doesn't help getting sick and not wanting to get out of bed much less jump about the living room!

Keep going Selina! You can do it!! :)

Selina. said...

Thanks Tammy, congrats on the 7kg! I am about a size 16 aswell. oh no are you sick?

I need to get back into the gym for sure!

Talitha said...

good on you getting back on track! I need to tone badly for my wedding, and am grateful I have 6 months. But with no self control at home I tend to eat chocolate, then chocolate brownies, then potato salad >.<

So I am trying to make a conscious effort to stop eating carbs after work, so after 5pm *crosses fingers* then paired with some light exercise - I really like your exercise plan so may borrow it :)

Good Luck Selina! Keep us updated if it helps :)

Talitha xx
ps. haven't had time to start my pinterest albums, but will soon

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