Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Today is a super special day!

Guys today is a super special day my little itty bitty baby sister Alice
 turns 18 Today! 
officially a grown up!

apart from the fact that it makes me feel a bit old, i am so proud of her and all that she does.

Because let me tell you my sister is talented! not only does she have a super cute blog 

But she also makes her own jewelry and is starting her own store!

She is an amazing artist

She is a wonderful photographer

She makes AWHSOME cakes

Designed my tattoo

Just after it was done! hence scabbyness

She is also incredibly intelligent and will most likely end up at Oxford or Cambridge studying something ridiculously complicated like paeleoanthropology (i can't even spell it!!)

and is just an all round AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL TALENTED bisnitch!!!

Also when she was younger she posed like a BOSS

and i hid behind her!

We don't have as many pictures together as we should so here is the best i found!

Yes neither of us are looking because we epicly suck at having photos taken of us! and Yes i am drinking in a park, it's not trampy if it is in summer and YES this was obviously taken in the future when my sister is allowed to drink ;)

Hope you enjoyed all the embarrassing LOVE alice! 

Wish i could be with you on your BIG day!


Talitha said...

Love the post - I lovemy little sister, but try not to admit it to her haha.

And are you drinking straight from that bottle of vodka??!! ^_^ If so, nice work

Talitha xx

Alice said...

Aw Selina :')
This is lovely, thank you! Apart from the that awful photo of child me. What was I doing?!
And you spelled it right :) ♥

Alice said...

And I want to do History at Durham sillybilly!