Monday, 21 November 2011

Fun with our Phones Monday

It's Monday so i am Linking up with SavanahSmiles again for

A beautiful sunrise on Monday morning!

Only to have a super frosty day on Tuesday

And i watched a gorgeous sunset at work on Wednesday and then i realised with dismare that the sun was setting at 3:30 :(

I didn't take many other pictures this week so i thought i would show you what i made this week and what is now available in my ETSY shop just click the photos for the link

This is just the first of many i have made this week and will be putting up slowly during the week.
They are only $7 each!! what do you guys think of them?? i wish my photographs were better but trust me they are soooo cute!!!

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Sarah Elisabeth said...

Those are adorable! If I used bows, I would get one, but I don't use stuff like that ever :( They're pretty though! Well done!