Friday, 18 November 2011

Changes and i NEED your help

I have decided the time has come to really kick in some changes around here!

I have got myself a domain name

and now i am looking for an amazing blog designer who can help me transform this into something a bit more special so if you have any reccomendations or if you are a super snazzy blog designer and want to help pleaaaase get in touch!

I wasss going to change my twitter name to match the domain/email name but alas someone already took it :( so now you can find me at @Wolf_andthe_Fox  
if you haven't already come and said hello pleaase do!

also i have a facebook fan page
which is a little neglected and could always use some love! you can visit that here

In the meantime i thought i would give you all a little sneak peak of some items which should be making it into my etsy store this weekend

as you can see i have gone a bit bow mad!
but i think they are super cute and i will be selling them for pretty darn cheap so keep your eyes peeled!!

right i am off for a good nights sleep! 

please let me know if you know a great blog designer!

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