Thursday, 17 November 2011

Eff, Marry, Kill


Happy Thursday! 
just one more day before the weekend!!!

Today i am taking part in an awesome link up from
Heather aka Blonde...Undercover Blonde  and Michelle aka The Vintage Apple


my candidates are ....

Paul Rudd, Jason Segel and Jonah Hill

This is a pretty tough one for me to be honest because if i had my way i would take both Paul Rudd and Jason Segel away to an island that would let me marry them both! I'm sure they would enjoy being brother husbands!

But thats not the aim of the game so my pick is...

Eff  Paul Rudd...look at that picture above and tell me you don't want him in your bed!!

Marry Jason Segel again look at that picture, his cute little face says it all! plus he has all the components of my dream man, tall, funny sexy and cute! luckily my real life boyfriend fits that description too ;)

Kill  Jonah Hill, hands down! he just drives me insane, i really do not think he is funny!

so there it is!

who would you EFF, MARRY and KILL??

link up so i can see!!


Talitha said...

Oooh, I like :)

Eff - Johnny Depp
Marry - Ryan Reynolds (sex on a stick!)
Kill - Justin Beiber


Talitha xx

Heather said...

Definitely marry Jason! Excellent choices.

Selina. said...

haha Talitha love yours!

Thanks Heather :D