Sunday, 27 November 2011


I haven't forgotten about my weekly challenge to photograph an outfit of the week so here it is..

Out shopping with the lovely Alyssa from freeways and fjords.

This was taken before i tried my first slice of pumpkin pie (yum) and the rain decided to try and drown us!

Jumper - Lindex
Long shirt - Cubus
Leggings and long socks - H&M
Boots- Ecco

I really wish i had managed to get a proper photo of my outfit i wore later for a 30th but i was too tipsy to remember!! i did take some posy camera phone pictures which i will show you instead ;)

next time i will for sure get a proper photo of the outfit!

what do you guys think?


Alice said...

Your hair is so long now what the gay! ♥

Selina. said...

I know!! Its nice though right??

Talitha said...

Your curly hair looks great, and I wish I could see the rest of your outfit, the top half looks fab!

Talitha xx

Selina. said...

Thanks Talitha the bottom half was grey skinnies and black kitten heels xx

Sarah Elisabeth said...

I saw the picture and I though: "Hmm, that looks like a Lindex sweater.. I should ask her if she got it at Lindex..." and then right under there it said Lindex! Good girl!! ;)

My Bathroom/Wardrobe Is My Castle said...

A pretty outfit! I love your boots <3
XOXO Britta

Selina. said...

hehe sarah i am in LOVE with so many of lindex's tps atm even the top i am wearing in the bad cameraphone photos is from lindex!

Thanks Britta i love them too they are so good even in all the rain :P