Saturday, 19 November 2011

A Challenge and an OOTW

The other day i got a text from my gym! it asked me if everything was okay because it hadn't registered me at the gym in the last 45 days! I'm not sure if i am pleased about this? who wants to be reminded by their gym that they are slacking!


That isn't really the point of this post, today i have been thinking about body image and how i view myself. Honestly i think i have some kind of backwards body dysmophia when i think about how i look i imagine myself to be slimmer than i am and sometimes i am genuinely surprised by how large i look in the mirror or in photos. 
I don'y think this way of seeing myself will necessarily change as i lose weight and slim down so i have decided to set myself a challenge.

Every week i am going to do an outfit of the week post which will hopefully let me keep track of how my body changes and also to see how good i can look when i'm all dressed up nice.

Obviously i won't love every photo but i think it will help me work on looking at myself in a more positive way.

So here is outfit number one.

I am loving this mustardy colour at the moment and i think it really compliments my colouring (see i am complimenting myself already!)

Scarf - H&M
 Jumper- Cubus
   Jeggings - Cubus
 Socks- New Look
Boots- Ecco

So what do you guys think of my challenge? a good idea? or do you have a better one for me?


Tammy said...

Sounds like a good idea! Pictures are definitely a good motivator. I saw some video of me just over a year ago with all the baby weight, I counted three tummy rolls!

I always think I look fatter then I feel in photos, the best judge is how well my clothes fit.

I think that color is fab, what a nice way to brighten up a grey day! :)

Sarah Elisabeth said...

Great idea! Can't wait to see how it goes! Hope you're having a nice weekend!:)

british girl in norway said...

I think its a brilliant idea! Partly because I'm nosey and like to see what clothes etc. everyone else is sporting so I can get ideas hehe

I am the same - When I see photographs or videos of me I am literally like good god I'm a fatty but when I looked in the mirror in the SAME outfit I was wearing int he photo I'm thinking it looks great -.-

Very unhelpful for dieting as you sort of think - Its not THAT bad I can sneak a cookie :/