Saturday, 10 September 2011

True Life: I'm a Healthy Living Blogger ... sort of

I am teaming up yet again with fabulousbutevil and Mrs Monologues for their TRUE LIFE series. 

This time it is True Life: I'm a Healthy Living Blogger! to be fair though i think my title should read
 True Life: I'm TRYING TO BE a Healthy Living Blogger.

I am in the process of trying to shed 70lbs from my 5"2 frame, through eating healthy and exercising regularly.
 My journey has just begun started many times over, often i go full throttle for a few weeks or even months, before i get distracted, it happens in most areas of my life, so i am doing my best to learn to stick with something

One of the techniques i have started to use is short term goals, medium term goals and long term goals. In order to encourage myself to reach those goals i have worked out some incentives in which i can treat myself. because who doesn't like to spoil themselves once in a while? and how much better does it feel when you know you have worked for it?

Here's an example of how my goals and rewards work...

Short term goals

Goal -10lbs  Reward - membership at the local gym
Goal  -15lbs Reward - buy a M.A.C foundation
Goal  -20lbs Reward - new rain boots

For every 10lbs i lose i will reward myself with a larger/more expensive treat and for the 5's in between something smaller but to keep me motivated 

Medium term goals

I have set myself a goal to lose at least 2lbs a week, every week until Christmas, you can see that post here!
Now instead of focusing on my far far away goal of a 70lb loss, i focus on my weekly 2lb loss.

Long term goals

everyone has that ideal weight they would like to be right? mine is 120lbs, whenever i think about giving up on this i look at the dress i bought a few years ago when i was losing weight but never got into, or i log onto MyFitnessPal and look at what i have done so far, or i visit Pinterest and look at all of the amazing weight loss/ exercise inspiration that is floating around! it really keeps me going!

now to break up this word heavy post...

Not that any of my readers are fat! but i sure as hell am ;)

If you would like to follow my journey or even better join me in it you can keep up with what i am doing my clicking the tab that says weightloss at the top of my blog!


Sasha said...

Hey thats a great idea to reward yourself every 10lbs. And smart to just think about the 2 lbs a week. Its so hard sometimes cause all I picture is the final goal and it seems overwhelming

tara said...

you are doing such an amazing job! i love the idea of having long and short term goals! thanks for linking up!

Selina. said...

Thank you two! i can't believe i didn't think of using this before, its such a good motivator when i'm jogging in the rain to know that in just 4 more lbs i can join the gym and jog inside yaaay!

Halina said...

To ord: stå på!! :)