Friday, 2 September 2011

TRUE LIFE: I wish i was a food blogger!

Fabulous but evil and Mrs Monologues have been holding their True Life series for a few weeks now and i have known i wanted to get involved...i did the general blogger post here and then sat back and watched as all the other categories kind of passed me by, i have no idea how to define what i do, i often think of amazing posts and then can't carry them off to my satisfaction so i discard them. which leads me to the next True Life topic Food Blogging, i am addicted to food blogs and have always wanted to be one, so i often whip up recipes and try and photograph them, which never turns out the way i wanted to so i throw them on the rubbish heap. This has cultivated in me having a lot of photos of food i have made floating around on my hard drive so i thought i would use this opportunity to post them and show you why i wish i was a food blogger but would probably fail!

I make boring food for dinner

and photograph things in the worst way, no thanks to my super dark apartment

I could do with some lessons on framing thats for sure.

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My fav photograph by far and it's still blurry :(

I love sweet things!

I have decided not to give up on the food blogging though, just to hone my skills a lot  a little more and wait untill we have moved into our new bright apartment before taking any more photos of my creations.


Heather said...

Yummy! That all looks delish!

Jenna said...

Keep it up girl. If you take a look at the first posts in my blog they are laaaaame especially in pictures. It just takes lots of time and once you get into it it gets better. As far as pictures are concerned it's just practice practice practice and lots of photoshop! Don't think the pictures you see on other food blogs are straight from the camera cause they SO aren't and no one hides the fact. I say go for it, food blogging is fun! You're welcome to do a guest post on my blog if you want to get your feet wet with it :)

Jules said...

hi!! love it. Makes me hungry. Note to self: Don't look at food blogs in the afternoon before dinner time! ha.

tara said...

thanks for linking up! definitely dont give up on blogging about food, just keep working to perfect it! :)

Lindsey Leitner said...

The cupcake with the raspberry on it looks delicious! And I am right there with you! I am learning to photograph my food! It will take practice but I know we will both get there!

Sarah E. said...

I'm dying for a new camera because my pictures suck! I need a photography class! LOL. All of that food looks super nomalicious!