Thursday, 1 September 2011

WTF Wednesday..oh i mean Thursday!

So i meant to start this yesterday but i got distracted. happens when i'm sick, and often when i'm not. anyways basically i have been doing Eurotrash posts but i never have enough photos so i thought i would turn it into a one especially WTF photo a week...hence WTF Wednesdays (from now on.... i hope)

This weeks WTF photo might need a little translating..
barnas = children's
pølser = sausages

i can tell you are already thinking....dubya tee effs!?

well i shall keep you in suspense no longer... presenting to you....

Let's get a closer look at this....

yep that's right "all you need is sausages"

I hope this left you as open jawed as it left me, right before all the LOLs came!
Gotta love the Norwegians and their innapropriate names for food.


Talitha said...

oh wow, so bad, but hilarious!

And yes I would love to do a post swap :) And can I be a sponsor ??

Let me know the details missy.

Talitha xx

Selina. said...

Emailed you Talitha ^^ :)