Saturday, 3 September 2011

Hair Help!

Back in 2008, just before i started university i thought it would be a genius idea to bleach the shit out of my really long hair! not discouraged by the massive amounts of damage it caused and constant re dying it needed i carried on bleaching 

and was left with a very shiny brassy yellow - not pretty :/
Around March/April time i decided it was time for a change and chose a deep purply reddish brown colour

which was okay if not a tad boring...anyway the colour started to fade into a strange dirty blondish brown i guess

Untill eventually it turned this BEAUTIFUL colour!!

Which i miss dearly!

and desperately want back! but i have no idea what i would ask for at the hair dressers as i came about the colour in such a round about way.

so my dear readers i have 2 questions for you...

1. what colour would you say this is??
2. Would it be wildly innapropriate for me to take in the 2 photos above to a hairdresser (as they are the only pics i have with this colour)

also i hope you enjoy the photos, as all of them show me either on the way to drinking or actually drinking #studentsdrinktoomuch!?

one more thing...i would like to remind you that you can find me on Twitter and Facebook, i would love to see your faces around there!


Sarah Elisabeth said...

Bring the pictures!! I do that all the time because when you're not a hair expert, the chances are you won't be able to EXPLAIN the color! Good luck on getting it back!

Becky said...

BAHA i was going to comment on how all of them involved alcohol in someway!

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Of course bring the pictures - that way you can be sure he/she understands the shade you're talking about. Im excited to see the finished product!

Jules said...

Definitely take the pics to the hair dresser!! that's what the expect when you want a specific color.

also, It looks like a very light brown or dark blonde color. I love that color!

Talitha said...

This is a hard one, it's like a dark blonde, but with a copper shine.

Fingers crossed for you can get it!

Sarah Jane said...

Found you through the link up and had to become a follower. I look forward to catching up on your blog posts! I am always going back and forth with what I want to do with my hair too. Good luck!

-Sarah from

ZombieTron said...

Might be a bit late to the party on this comment, but still... I would call it a dark honey blonde.

I agree with taking the pics to the hairdresser, so they can try to match it.

It is a difficult shade to try to get from a box.

Good Luck!

Selina. said...

Hey, thanks your not too late at all! i am planning on going in later this month! i shall post to show how its gone :P