Sunday, 18 September 2011

Introducing...My Sponsors!

 Today i would like to introduce you to some amazing women! who are even more fantastic and lovely as they are sponsoring my little blog!

so here goes...


Kimberley from Lush Lounge

Hi!! I'm Kimberly aka Lush Deez, the voice behind Lush Lounge. I’m 21 years young, always dreaming, planning and making goals. 
I have a Nor Calspirit and a free mind. I have 4 tattoos and 6 piercings. I love being happy, meeting new people,going to social events.
 I love traveling and exploring new places, especially beaches and big cities! I love bike riding and my amazing boyfriend. 
I’m all about peace, love, great music and living a green life. I believe in astrology and karma and that everything in life happens for a reason and with that try to stay positive and optomistic.I love writing and cooking and my sweet kitty Ginger. Interested in more? Come to my blog and let's be friends :)

Talitha from TTimeChatter

Hi my name is Talitha of T Time Chatter. I love sharing my day to day which usually involves yummy cooking & recipes, fashion finds, crafting and sewing.


Megan from A Suitcase and Stilettos

I am Megan from A Suitcase and Stilettos. 
 I joined the blogging world about 3 years ago, but have only been writing on my currently blog for around 9 months.  The blogosphere has brought me so many great things but mostly has brought me friendships with certain people that I know will last a lifetime! 
 I typically write about my everyday life...much of which includes my adjustment as an American living in a foreign land.  My favorite things include sports, fashion, travel, and being outdoors.

Jenna from Shove it in your face

Hey guys!  I'm Jenna, the snarky smartass behind Shove It In Your Face.  I hail from Pennsylvania but I'm currently here in Bergen, Norway stomping through puddles and baking people cakes.  My blog is just an extension of myself. It's chock full of great food, horrible language, tons of complaining, but most of all love.  I put my heart into what I do, and I hope everyone enjoys it! 

Jello from Jello's Kitchen

Hi! I’m Jello!

I’m awkward, weird, sometimes crazy and all over the place. I hate capitals but love google and absolutely couldn’t live without spell check. I love chocolate chip cookies, wine, colors, bow ties, butterflies, pizza and I’m a total sucker for buttons. I own an etsy shop which has a lil’ bit of all that in it. I’m constantly looking for Amazing people to share. My blog’s is about everything from yummy-husband-approved recipes to funny tales happening in my life. A life I share with my husband Pudding, our 2 cats, Cloud and Timothy, and our cute lil’ cacatoes, Kiki. we like to think that we’re one big happy family.

Michelle from Hot Pink Combat Boots

Hi, I'm Michelle and I live in Washington State. Well........I did.
As a member of the US Air Force Reserves, I have turned my life upside down to move to Germany for 6 months. My job entails transporting the extremely wounded soldiers from the battlefield in Afghanistan to the hospital. It's a tragic, yet incredibly rewarding job. 
I started blogging last year as a way to document my adventure - sort of like an online journal. Hot Pink Combat Boots is NOT a military blog. Instead its full of European trends, fashion (do's and don'ts) along with random tidbits of travel and bike adventures. Speaking of bikes, I have one and her name is Fifi. She can be a bit of a pill sometimes, so occasionally I will feature her latest antics on my blog.
The blog has taken on a life of its own, and what I thought what could 'potentially' be a chore has become the best hobby I ever started.
My passions are many because I'm OCD, but include: photography, writing, fashion, beauty, extravagant trips, interior design, yachting, cooking and shopping for vintage treasures. And of course, blogging!
I realize that you're probably thinking I don't quite 'fit' the military mode. You're right - I am a complete 'MISFIT' in the military, and I'm reminded of the difference every day. The good part is I have passed the 'awkward' stage of my journey and am now surrounded by fabulous friends. My tour is Germany is nearing it's end (I head home at the end of October) - but all that means is the journey will continue........just somewhere else.

and last but by no means least, my little sister...

Alice at Schadenfreude

who hasn't written me an intro yet tsk tsk tsk! so visit her links and see what she is all about :)


Alice said...

I'm sooory I forgot :p also thanks for using such a crap picture! ;) xx

Talitha said...

*ahem* my into looks so lame haha. Didn't realise it was supposed to be long! Oh well, short and sweet :)

Jules said...

hi- nice to meet your sponsers! now I'm off to check out their blogs as well! :) great post.

lushdeez said...

thanks for posting!! :))
I'm going to go check out some of these bloggers right now! :)
<3 kimberly

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Hi Doll - thanks for the intro. I already know so many of your sponsors I feel like we're all part of a fun club.


Im looking forward to everyones guest post.

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Hi Doll - thanks for the intro. I already know so many of your sponsors I feel like we're all part of a fun club.


Im looking forward to everyones guest post.