Saturday, 10 September 2011

Wedding Outfit

Even though wedding season is technically over now, i still have one to attend in October and i have had the wondeful pleasure of blogging about my ideas of wedding outfit over at Talitha's blog TTimeChatter, please come over and throw in your two cents about which dress i should buy/wear.

also the blog includes these beauties which have just recently graced my feet

I am in LOVE!

Leave me comments here or there so i know what you stylish readers think! flattery will get me everywhere riiight!?


Jules said...

ooh! I like those shoes!!

Talitha said...

Thanks for your blogging help m'dear


lushdeez said...

OMG those are adorable!! And you could totally wear them to other things besides weddings too.

and I want to thank you soo much for nominating me on FTLOB! :) You're the best!! :)

<3 kimberly.

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Hi doll - I"m heading over there now!

Where did you go??

Selina. said...

I haven't gone anywhere! just been super bogged down with finishing my bachelor thesis!