Saturday, 24 September 2011

Kimberley from Lush Lounge steps in....

Hi Guys,
 Sorry i have been sooo slack recently, i have a ton of posts planned in my head i just haven't had time to actually write them out yet! i plan on queueing up some tomorrow..fingers crossed i can get the motivation! to tide you over until then, the lovely Kimberley from the Lush Lounge. has been kind enough to step in and write a post for me! Thanks Kimberley!!!

Hello! I’m Kimberly from Lush Lounge. I’d liketo give a BIG thank you to Selina for letting me guest post on her blog. Hers is one of my new favorites and I’m super excited to be featured on it today! :)
My blog is about my life; the boring and all the crazy funt hings I do. This Saturday is the the dance event I have been waiting for forthe past 2 years. It’s called LovEvolution (formerly love fest) and it is Nor Cal’s biggest electronic dance music event of the year. If you’ve never heard of love fest before then you have surely been missing out!!! I’ve gone to it twice before when it was in San  Francisco, but sadly last year it grew far too large to fit into the SF Civic Center. The electronic dance parade and event lasts all day from 12-8pm full of PLUR; Peace Love Unity & Respect.
The love fest event originated in Berlin, Germany in 1989 and rapidly spread worldwide. They now have it in Los Angeles, San Francisco and many other cities. This year will be more epic than ever and I am dying with anticipation to dance until my legs fall off in crowds oozing L-O-V-E!
Take a look at a few pics from 2009. The crowd was so huge there was hardly room for walking and the party raged so hard people had to climb telephone poles and dumpsters to make room for their dance moves.
 Partying right on the steps of SF City Hall
People dress crazy.
Lazer light shows from random new friends.
Feel the L-O-V-E!
Thanks again Selina for letting me share the love with all of your readers!!
Come by and say hello :)
Lush Lounge


lushdeez said...

sweeeeeet! thanks for posting!! :))

Talitha said...

wow this dance event looks crazy :)

Love the outfits haha

Talitha xx

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

This looks like a blast! I've never heard of it before, so now I feel like I'm in 'the know'. Stopping by your blog next.

Hi Selina!