Saturday, 1 October 2011

Love and Toast

I Love Toast! I love it dripping in butter with a smearing of marmite and i love it with peanut butter or honey, but seeing as i don't eat bread anymore toast is not often on the menu....*sob*

However that is not what today's post is about, today i wanted to introduce you to one of my new favourite brands.


Love & Toast is the brainchild of Margot Elena

I recently stumbled across the brand while browsing in the shopping center by my work, they caught my immediately because of the bright and fun packaging.

Vanilla Chai Lipbalm

This was the first thing i bought, Vanilla is my favourite scent and this does not fail me. What i loved most about this lip balm is that  is it made of all natural ingredients which meant there is no horrible artificial vanilla smell instead it is a beautiful sweet and subtle scent.

Coming from a country which has already fully embraced autumn, another important aspect of any lip balm i buy is how well it keeps my lips from getting chapped. and i have to say so far this has been amazing, my lips are super soft and kissable (ask my boyfriend he can confirm it!)

The second thing i bought was something i have been needing for agges as my skin has been getting so dry.
Paper Flower Handcreme
I had originally planned to get the gin blossom one but my local store didn't have it so i chose paper flower and boy am i glad, it smells fantastic, the smell is wonderfully floral but not overwhelmingly so, and it has a nice crisp clean scent without leaving your hands smelling too chemically. The best part is the cream is so thich but absorbs so quickly that it is perfect for really dry hands without leaving them feeling greasy.

also look how cute the packaging is (sorry about the bad phone quality)



Next on my shopping list are..

Cherry Lemonade Lip Balm

Lemon Mint Lip Balm

Gin and Lime Lip Balm

Yes i want three more lipbalms! i am completely obsessed! 

 Check out the rest of the Love and Toast range here



Sarah Elisabeth said...

So cute! I need a good lip balm, my lips die in the fall/winter change here!

Selina. said...

mine too! i am hoping to work out some kind of giveaway with one of these things ;)

Alice said...

I want!♥

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

That stuff looks amazing. I think we're channeling the same thought because i did a post today on natural ingredients too.

I love the idea of the lip balm, but I'm not a fan of the pot. I have this issue with sticking my dirty finger in it. I prefer a stick or a gloss - it just seems more sanitary.