Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Oh How Pinteresting - Kitchen Edition

I really didn't plan to link up today but the bf and I have been picking paint swatches for our new kitchen and i just felt super pinterest inspired.

As our apartment is tiny but blessed with BIG windows we are going with a very neutral cream/latte colour scheme.

in our kitchen the majority of the walls are lovely latte coloured panels but there is one wall which faces the window and i think just deserves to be a lovely accent colour. 
still pale but just a change of tone to make it feel a bit different.

These are the colour swatches we are looking at the two in the middle are a variation on our panels and the other two are the ones we are trying to decide between for an accent wall.

what do you think??
I am completely love the pink but also think the soft blue would look so pretty and be so calming in the kitchen.

Here are some of my pinterest inspirations

What do you guys think??
 I can't wait to share photos of how it all turns out!!

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Anonymous said...

Love your kitchen pins!

Jamie said...

I love the light, neutral but not beige colors you picked!

Ashlyn said...

these kitchen pins are lovely. i love that first one :] so cute.

Happy Wednesday
xoxo ashlyn

Talitha said...

I love how bright and sunny all those kitchens looked. The fiance and I are redesigning our kitchen, loungeroom and dining. Can't actually change anything till after our honeymoon (when we will have more $$) but is fun to play around.

The neutral light colours mean you can add colour through everything else - appliances, plants etc.

Have fun!

Talitha xx

Anonymous said...

I can't see the first one for some reason, but all of your other pins are fantastic! I need a kitchen like any of those!

Sara Louise said...

I love all of these kitchens! They're so bright and homey. Pinterest is the absolute best for finding new ideas. Can't wait to see how yours turns out :-)

Amy said...

Hey Selina,

Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying Hi so I could find yours! :-) Not quite sure what you meant by your comment- but if you´re calling me 19 years old- I reeeeeaaaaallllly appreciate that!! HAHAHAHA....

Loved all the colors in the kitchen photos you showed but I had one problem with all the kitchens- they all needed a MUCH bigger oven...a double wide gas oven would be dreamy with a grill top in the middle...ahhhh....such a dream! :-)

Have a great evening! Amy@ Eventyrhus

Tifany said...

I really like the light blues. Great pins. I think the light blues would be a really good way to have a clean looking, calming kitchen. I just want to cook something looking at them.