Sunday, 1 January 2012

It's that time of year again

Time to make a lot of goals that will most likely be forgotten in a few weeks
 not this year, 
this year i am setting myself some reachable (i hope) 
sensible (i think) 
goals to achieve by January 2013
 ... that is if we make it that far ;)

1. Start and finish a quilt
My wonderful aunt got me this book for Christmas

and i have already got started on something 

2. Do much more knitting
i am such an old lady ;)
3.  Take photos everyday

now that i have a brand new camera i want to make the most of it and really work on my photography skills
4. Get more focused with my blog writing
sometimes i feel like i really just write any old rubbish and then fill in the rest of the week with random link ups, which although i do love them i kind of want to add a bit more original writing too.
5. Lose weight, get fit and healthy
this is of course a standard in almost everyone's new years resolutions, this year i am completely serious in wanting to make a change.

I will be discussing my goals later this week as part of the above weekly link up thing (yeah i know i said not as many link ups but i didn't say none at all!)

6. Get (mostly) debt free before i am 24
discounting my student loans as they will probably haunt me forever! i plan to be debt free by May this year, that way i can really work on saving towards my future.

7. Train for a 5k
hopefully i will be completing one with a colleague later this year.

8. Work on appreciating who i am and how i look
kind of says it all above.

So there it is 8 reasonable goals to start of my 2012

Happy New Year!!!

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