Monday, 30 January 2012

a drive to Fanahammeren

Yesterday the boyfriend and I decided to take a quick drive
 to enjoy the beautiful clear blue skies.

Our goal was to drive into to Fana to see the area my boyfriend's family farm used to be
we decided seeing as the views were so beautiful to keep driving and visit the farm school he went to and in doing so we came across the most beautiful little place called

I am pretty sure we have decided if we ever get super rich we will be buying a koselig little house out here!
wishful thinking!

here are some photos to show you why.

Also me and my boyfriend attempted pictures in front of the beautiful skies but they failed lol

Happy Monday :)

one last thing it is my friend Alyssa's birthday today 
so i think you should all go and visit her blog :)


Talitha said...

Oh wow, it is beautiful! Now I want to travel to Norway :)

Talitha xx

Selina. said...

Your always welcome to visit me girlie!

Jules said...

oh so pretty!