Sunday, 29 January 2012

Do you know what really grinds my gears?

A lot of things!!


I have decided to not write them all over my blog like i have been tempted to these past few weeks.
I feel like all i read at the moment is negative negative negative and it's starting to affect the way i am looking at things.

often i find myself moaning about something or worse listening to someone else moan about something and then agreeing with them before i catch myself and think first world problems much!


I have decided to concentrate on some positive things from now on.

Like how happy i am to live in an AMAZING country with a job and a boyfriend i am madly in love with.
How happy i am to be connecting with a bunch of new ladies who i am sure will be firm friends soon enough.
and how happy i am to be working towards my fitness goals with a renewed energy!

I hope that this new found focus on the GOOD things in life will help me blog a bit more. I really want to start blogging about the place i live because it has been my dream country since i was a teenager and it hasn't disappointed me yet!
also i can't wait to start posting about all the progression we are making in the new apartment!
and many other fun things!

so look out blogger world! 

1 comment:

Talitha said...

Hi lovely, don't let anyone get u down, am glad you are back and blogging! Can't wait to see some beautiful pics from you and where u live :)

Talitha xx