Friday, 22 July 2011

A nice suprise turns a meh day good!

Today has been a bit up and down, it started off good as my weight was down (it is an on going struggle) and i felt pretty good, i did some shopping, cleaned the apartment and studied some Norwegian. Then i got an email which totally shattered my mood, it was yet another rejection from a job. I try not to let it reflect in my blog too often but it can be really hard looking for work here, especially if your like me and get a bit embarrassed speaking the language to natives... but anyway there i was sitting at the computer moping like an idiot, when in walks my lovely boyfriend with a package in his hands...a package for meeee!

It was my prizes from sarah at thebearanecessities giveaway!

That brightened me up no end i can tell you that! I am absolutely in love with these pieces especially the bracelet which i have been wearing ever since!
also check out my awesome nail polish -post coming soon!

The necklace seemed a bit long at first but i think it will be prefect with a nice summer dress. ( i will post pictures once i can be bothered to find a dress to wear and persuade the bf to take lots of pictures of me until i find at least one i like)

The ring fits looks actually a lot nicer than i thought it would on me.

I am so happy i won something!! wahey for winning!!!!!

Do you want to win something??? if that answer is yes then don't forget to check out and enter my GIVEAWAY!!!


Alice said...

Omg I never win giveaways I so jelly D:
Give the necklace to meee! ;) Haha it's so pretty, that is like the perfect giveaway to win!
Loooove youuu ♥

Selina. said...

mahahah noooo, but you can always enter my givwaway :P

Jenna said...

Ooooh I just saw that set at Lindex and drooled over it. I'm jealous, they're so pretty!

Anonymous said...

congrats on winning!!!!! im quite a bit jealoussss!

Sarah Elisabeth said...

Haha I'm so slow! Been busy and away from the computer! So happy you got the package! And even more happy you liked it! Have a great day!! ;)

Selina. said...

hehe no worries i have been away from the pc for the weekend and have missed loads! definitely loved the package ^^ you too <3