Monday, 18 July 2011

I'm Home!

Yes i am finally back in my beloved Bergen!
Photo courtesy of Wikipedia
To be honest with you, i have been back for a couple of days now and things have been nice and busy, On Saturday TP and I went for dinner with his Sister and her partner Jan. We went to this lovely Italian place called Stragiottis, i decided not to take photos seeing as i have only met his sister twice and didn't want to let her know i am one of those weird 'takes photos of their food before they eat it' kind of people. After dinner TP and I made our way over to the cinema to see.......


I was soo excited, mainly because i grew up reading the books and just recently re read the last book and partially because I have a tumblr and it has been HP obsessed recently. In the end i quite enjoyed the film and i have to admit i did cry on multiple occasions during but i also felt a bit frustrated when they unnecessarily changed parts which didn't really contribute to the overall plot anyway.

After HP7 we went for a quick drink in a bar nearby to the cinema called Biskopen (The Bishop) which was lovely especially as when we sat downstairs we discovered a beautiful friendly cat sleeping on one of the sofas my night was made!

In other news... I won something!!! i never ever win anything and just before i left for Norway i discover a twitter message from Sarah Elisabeth over at thebearanecessities telling me i had won her giveaway yaaay!!! so when that arrives in the post i will be sure to take some snazzy photos of myself wearing them.

Untill then i have to go have my teeth poked and prodded at the dentist boo :(

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