Friday, 1 July 2011

London Baby yeah!!

So, I have really wanted to get a blog post up about my week spent in London, but to be honest with you every time i try and write it up i get full on blogging brain freeze. I think it is because i have gotten far to used to using my boyfriends computer with its normal sized screen and using my little netbook gives me a bit of a headache. However i really didn't want to leave you with nothing to read for two weeks so i thought i would post a couple of my pictures from the trip instead....

Me in the rose garden of Hampton Court

TP outside the Sherlock Holmes museum

TP loves his Whiskey

seeing old friends in camden!

Sitting out in the Sun

Real Ale and a glass of Pimms <3

Sunburnt by the river Thames <3
I will definitely try and get a proper blog post up about my trip and maybe some more photos as soon as possible


Anonymous said...

hi. can you please hurry back to bergen? k thanks :)

Selina. said...

only 2 more days!I am so excited to be coming back!!

Pixie Phoenix said...

jupp he looks just as I pictured him... hihi

Selina. said...

hihi he was 'nicely shaven' here because we were meeting my family usually he has a bit more beard ;)

glad to see you on the blog more :)