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I have been thinking about doing some reviews/blog posts about some awesome places in Bergen for a while, but i never get round to taking pictures while i am there or if i do i tend to start a post and not finish it. However tonight as i sit at my computer wired from the coffee martini i recently enjoyed at one of my favorite bars, i thought what better time to tell my lovely blogger friends about it.

"Ujevnt" or uneven in its English translation is located in the center of Bergen, from the outside you can't really tell that a wonderful and cosy a bar is hidden beyond. In fact i walked past the bar many times for months on my way to university and only ever noted that they had very yellow plastic 70's style stools in the windows, it wasn't until i stepped inside one day that i truly realised what a great place it is.¨

Ujevnt 2

When i walk through the door into the warmly lit bar, i always feel like i should be hearing the dulcet tones of a beautiful jazz singer while the smell of cigarillo smoke wafts gently over me. the decor is a mix of vintage posters,chocolaty browns, velvet reds, warm musty yellows and wood paneling. In terms of seating you have a good variety of choice for quite a small bar, with a quiet and relaxing area towards the back of the room furnished with plush couches and candlelit tables, to the wonderfully tall tables and chairs in the center (which for a shorty like me are like climbing a mountain and a bit of a hazard when intoxicated) ,of course if you are there alone or you just fancy a chat to one of the barmen you can opt for a comft stool by the bar, and if that wasn’t enough if you are feeling super emo and all you want to do is drown your sorrows while drinking a whiskey and staring at the rain (which is inevitable in Bergen) then you can take a pew on one of the lovely yellow stools I used to notice in the window.

Ujevnt bar

Ujevnt only has a few bar staff, including the owner, a lovely young chap who never minds having a chat with the slightly 'breezy' English girl who always orders pimms and lemonade and scoffs when he is unsure how to serve it! all of the staff ooze a cool collectedness with their coiffed hair and hipster specs but they are also all warm, friendly and excellent drink makers, which leads me to the next section...

espresso martini 2
Espresso Martini 

I have to admit i don't go to Ujevnt for the beer, even though they have a wide selection of bottles all with interesting names, labels and some very interesting tastes (punk by brew dog has a very strange taste of perfume and earwax -not that i am a connisuer of earwax but you know...ahem). They also have a wonderful collection of spirits which are lined up behind the bar and calling out to me. No the reason i really love going to this bar is the cocktails! Ujevnt has a short and sweet list of cocktails, they don't go in for all the gimmicks so if you are looking for cocktails all the colours of the rainbow with fancy fireworks this isn't the place for you! instead you will find classic flavours made with quality spirits, i'm talking whiskey sours, margaritas and a damn good singapore sling. My personal favourite is the bramble a lemony gin drink so sour you wonder why you keep going back for more, and then you realise it is the faint sweetness of the grenadine which soothes the face puckering sourness just briefly. another recent discovery is the espresso martini which will keep you awake for hours (hence the late night blogging session). also it is worth a mention that after a quick explanation from an awesome English lady ( they make a mean Pimms and Lemonade...did anyone say pimms o' clock!


Obviously an important aspect of any bar for a poor student like me is the price, and i have to say that while Ujevnt isn't the cheapest it is not the most expensive either. a cocktail costs 92kr (about £10.40) which is actually a fairly decent price in Norway. and a pint of Hansa costs 54kr (about £6.10) if i am not mistaken.

Overall i think Ujevnt gets an A for effort, 9/10 or 4 stars. The staff are wonderful, the atmosphere relaxing and the cocktails to die for! the only things that really let it down are the highish drink prices and the fact that if you arrive later than 9 even on a weekday it will be almost impossible to get a seat as it is so damn popular...yes i may be kind of fishing for bad things, but otherwise it is going to look like i have a secret share in the bar or something! basically if you are ever in Bergen get yourself down to Ujevnt on Christies Gate and order yourself a bramble! you will thank me for it.

Me enjoying my espresso martini <3

Ujevnt is located on Christiesgate 5-7, 5015 Bergen, Norway

stilige typer
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Anonymous said...

YAYYY! :-) I hope you review places in Bergen :-) It gets me pumped up!!! And maybe sometime we can meet for a drink/dinner and review a place together :)

Selina. said...

Definitely! I already have a couple more lined up i just need to get round to editing them and getting some better photos!

It would be awesome to get a little blog get together happening, I've met another american blogger moving to bergen so it should be fun!

When are you moving here?

r.pacheco said...

this is so lovely selina.
keep writing.

Selina. said...

Thanks Rachel! you too! <3

Anonymous said...

Ujevnt is my favourite! Excellent drinks, wide and thorough selection of beer and spirits, friendly and laid back bar staff. Its the place for four easy wednesday beers and a saturday night (black)out. All occaions!

Selina. said...

Mine too anoymous! ahhh friday blackouts too ;)